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William Regal Wants To Be WWE GM, Stro Comments on WWE Signing, More

– Former WCW star The Stro wrote the following about WWE’s latest signing KC McKnight:

“Congradulations to one of my finest students K.c. McKnight for signing a WWE contract recently. Very proud of him. He has worked hard in the US and Japan. So much heart and dedication to the business. It is his time now to show that and much more to the world. Show them what you’re made of brother! You deserve the best! God bless you always.”

– WWE United States Champion Santino Marella and WWE Divas Champion Layla will be appearing at the Cricket store on Broadway in Lexington, Kentucky on July 28th from 3pm until 5pm.

– There was talk that WWE had nixed the General Manager angle and that no permanent GM would be announced at the 1,000th RAW. The angle is back on and William Regal, among others, has thrown his name into the running. Regal wrote:

“I would like to let @WWE know that I’m more than capable of being both GM of Raw and Smackdown and keeping my NXT announcing duties.#Oldpro. I’m going to take off the gloves.@WWE no more part time one trick pony people in this job.#RegalforGM.”

  • Diesel

    Regal for Raw GM would be absolute gold! I absolutely loved his Commisioner & breif stint as Raw’s GM.

  • scooter

    Regal as heel a GM siding with his old protege D-Bryan would be worth watching.

  • Adam

    I think that the new GM is going to be revealed as……..US! THE VIEWER. I can feel it now, they will make us be the GM and claim we can use social media to do it.
    I hate the idea. But can see it happening.

    Anyone else?

  • voice of reason

    i say have regal as raw gm & teddy as smackdown gm.

  • john

    i hope the don’t have a joined RAW and SD GM.. i would like just a RAW GM and a SD GM!! and hopefully they will get rid of them ugly unified tag titles!! bring the old ones back!

  • SYM