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Windham Update, WWE’s Website Pushing for the Hardcore Title’s Return

– At last word, wrestling legend Barry Windham is still in ICU at a Florida hospital. Windham has been described as “near death” by his father. Windham was reportedly found by current WWE agent Mike “IRS” Rotunda at his home. Windham is the brother-in-law to Rotunda and the uncle of FCW stars Husky Harris and Bo Rotunda.

– WWE’s website has an article up where they’re pushing for the return of the Hardcore Title, after Cody Rhodes recently brought back the classic white Intercontinental Title. Here’s part of their hype:

“If the Hardcore Title ever does make a comeback, alliances will crumble and insanity will rule in its place, with an iron fist stronger than any potential Raw General Manager could ever dream of wielding. Whoever will place it around their waist will instantly be painting a target on their back. Everybody will be their enemy. Big, small, Superstar, Diva: all will be potential challengers, ready to pounce to win their own piece of glory. says: Bring back Hardcore havoc!”

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  • 27mavs

    Yeah, the Hardcore title would suck with the PG rating. Fuck TV-PG, forget about kids, parents can control what their kids watch. WWE needs to be an adult environment again with bra & panties matches, blood shed & cuss words. How I long for those days. Everything about WWE is child-like now, I keep watching hoping to see the TV-14 rating. Back to the Hardcore belt, if they brought it back, they need to have the 24/7 rule again where the Hardcore title can be defended anywhere & against anyone. BUT it won’t happen.

  • stephmc

    this is so frikkin awesome, i cnt wait if the hardcore title returns because 3 divas have won the belt; trish stratus,terri runnels and mighty molly. dis could be the start of something new to the divas so i expect that if this belt comes back, it should be in the hands of KHARMA!!!! I would love to see mick foley (mankind), mark henry and sheamus with this belt too. would love it if cm punk helds it too!!! 🙂

  • Cenanuff plz

    If they bring the Hardcore title back, they need to bring the cruiserweight title as well

  • venom

    Nobody even mentioned Barry on here. I hope he gets better. The hardcore title was good when they fought backstage or at a mall.

  • Erick Padilla

    This is just crazy everyone is taking about the damn hardcore belt when there’s a more important story in here… Get well soon Barry truly one of the best like him or not

  • Pissed Off Fan =(

    @Jefferson D’Arcy! Hows Al?

  • Fiji22

    Isn’t Foley coming back soon?..This probably has something to do with his return…Unless I’m mistaken the title was retired with him as the champion… They are probably going to do an angle where he either defends it or brings it back and puts it up for grabs.

  • Pissed Off Fan =(

    Bring back the Hardcore title is an AWWWWWESOME idea!

  • Jefferson D’Arcy

    I loved the Hardcore title but like others have said, it would never work in the PG era. So let it stay retired. It was fun while it lasted. Maybe when wrestling comes full circle and there’s another Attitude-like era in 5-10 years, you’ll see it back. But not now.

    And @ Steven, the European title? Why? I liked the design of the belt but it’s not really necessary to resurrect it. You have the U.S. title which is essentially the Euro title. I know they treat the IC and US title as equals but in my mind, I feel the US is like the Euro title. And with the IC title back to its classic design, hopefully they make it important again. Bring back the classic WWE tag titles! The ones that lasted from the mid-80’s until 2002. Get rid of those giant fucking pennies Kofi and Bourne are wearing. Ugliest belt since the Spinner title.

  • Devil_Rising

    To HELL with the HC title. How about bringing the damn Cruiserweight title back! It never should have been retired, certainly not be Hornswoggle……

  • Steve

    Nothing shouts “midcard!” like the Hardcore ‘championship’.

  • Sean Mooney

    If, or rather when WWE finally does leave PG… bringing the Hardcore title back would be a great step into a new era.

  • Joe2

    Dude…. One of Godfather’s Hos won the belt….. It’s irrelevant….

  • BlaH

    no blood pg hardcore title
    now thats too funny!

  • Whatever

    yeah bring back the hardcore title but also bring back the hardcore then… (begin with chairshots to head…)

  • steven

    YES!!! Bring Back the Hardcore Title, as well as the European Championship!!! I also WISH that wwe will push beth phoenix so she can DROP her divas championship and REINTRODUCE the WOMEN Championship!! and that’ll be AWESOME!!!

  • Dx

    Drop the pg rating and it’s a hit great way for other people to be relevant in the business n give them story line

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    That would be nice but in a pg environment I can see it now… The champ is walking through the back, Hornswoggle pops out of a trashcan and hits the champ with a a toy hammer, gets out and pins for the 3count…

  • PinkSinCara

    I’d like WWE to bring back the Hardcore title, but the division would probably be very lame in a PG context, like all WWE related things.

  • Jerry Lynn

    Shit yeah! That would be awesome.