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Winter On Differences Between WWE & TNA, Her New Year’s Resolutions, More

When Gail Kim left WWE she criticized the organization for their lack of faith in women’s wrestling. Sports Vibe asks Winter if she shares the same sentiment.

“I wouldn’t say that the standard of female wrestling in WWE isn’t as good as in TNA, but I would agree that there is less opportunity for the girls in the WWE to showcase what they can do. Every now and again WWE would have a great story line with a woman or a great pay-per-view match and then other times you watch Raw and if you blink you miss the girls wrestling,” she says.

“In TNA there is a lot more opportunity for the girls to showcase what they can do and there are a lot more story lines for the Knockouts division—a lot of the time on Impact there are two girls matches.”

Winter also compared the two bosses she’s worked for, Vince McMahon and Dixie Carter.

“I really haven’t had much contact with Vince McMahon apart from a couple of meetings about story lines and character ideas, I wouldn’t really say I got to know him has a person,” she says. “Dixie is very approachable, she is always around and is super friendly, she has a lot more a a personal relationship with all of the wrestlers.

Since joining TNA last year, Winter has held the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championship as well as the TNA Women’s Knockout Championship. She is asked if she should have been given the opportunity to win gold in WWE.

“I think it was possible for me to have the opportunity but I didn’t for whatever reason. I could blame them and say they didn’t give me the opportunity or I can maybe it’s something I didn’t do, its just something I’ll never know. I did have a title shot once in the WWE against Mickie James and that was amazing, I would have liked to have got more opportunities,” she says.

Heading into 2012, Winter reveals her New Year’s resolutions.

She says, “Just to kick it up another notch, I would like to be involved in more really strong story lines, have some really good PPV matches and hopefully get my titles back!”

Winter also discusses TNA’s partnership with Ohio Valley Wrestling, the wrestlers who inspired her when she was growing up, her WWE debut and more. The full interview is available here.

  • Jason

    Gail Kim owns the sorry ass wwe programs.

  • CC

    She’s a smart girl, she knows that not saying anything bad about WWE or TNA keeps her arse covered in future. It wont affect her current position in TNA and wont affect the potential option of rejoining WWE.

    What I will say though, and this is why she isnt burning bridges, is that despite the TNA women getting better tv time, storylines and potentially, more respect, she knows that 30 seconds of exposure on WWE is seen by more people that 30 mins of exposure in TNA. She probably also made more money in those 30 seconds as well.

    I know WWE doesnt pay talent of her level anywhere near what it pays some of its talent, and I know that she made very little money in WWE (she’s a friend of a friend), but the potential to earn there is what pretty much every person who joins WWE is aiming for. (and that included crybaby Kim)

  • Have to admit i was more of a fan of hers in WWE.

  • PinkSinCara

    @ Shawn

    Yeah I definitely noticed that. She was careful not to burn that bridge

  • Buttercastle

    I don’t think anyone watches wrestling for the girls to be honest. At least WWE. They had the bright idea of having the only two divas who can put on a show form a stable so they never go against each other. To me it seems like half time when the cheerleaders come out, except in this case they beat eachother up for a bit.

  • wow, Someone that isn’t bitter about leaving the WWE.. maybe she is one of the very few that isn’t on drugs..

  • iHole420

    the Winter vs Beth Phoenix ladder for the OVW Women’s Title was a good match to see!

  • Shawn

    It’s obvious Katarina wants to be back in the ‘E. Notice she had nothing bad to say about them. She’s just biding her time in TNA until WWE has room for her. Very smart!