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WM Rewind RAW Planned, Update on Rey’s WWE Status, Harlem Heat

– In an update on Rey Mysterio possibly leaving WWE soon, word now is that he may be looking to be released and WWE is considering granting it if they can keep merchandise rights. Other sources indicate that WWE really wants him to stay and will be doing everything in their power to keep him.

– WWE will be doing a WrestleMania Rewind edition of RAW soon where they do rematches of big WrestleMania rematches from previous years.

– As noted earlier, Booker T stated on the WWE App last night that his brother from Harlem Heat, Stevie Ray, will be reuniting with him at the WWE Hall of Fame this year. The plan had been to induct Harlem Heat as a team but apparently Stevie didn’t get the call to be inducted in the end.


  • CC

    This type of reporting is why the dirt sheets are becoming a joke. The Rey report is basically stating that he will be leaving or he wont be leaving. Talk about sitting on a fence to try to make sure you at least look 50% right.
    It also makes a mockery of the so called “insider info” as its basically admitting that insiders have no knowledge most of the time, and its just all rumours or speculation.

  • JAckh45

    who cares… its rey?
    No loss imo

  • Johhny

    Rey probably figures,He comes back and gets hut yet again and gets fired,This way he can get money(After all is that not what we all want? lol)… Remember we are dealing with vince mcmahon here

  • Omar

    This is what I hate about Wrestling “news”. Couple of weeks ago, the news was he and wwe are tight and he would be with them even if he retires from wrestling and now this crap. What to believe? Total BS.