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Women Steal Autographed Boot from Hulk Hogan’s Beach Shop, Hogan Files a Police Report

– TMZ reports that a signed Hulk Hogan boot was stolen from Hogan’s Beach Shop in Clearwater, Florida. Hogan told the website that his staff discovered the piece of memorabilia was stolen and saw the crime on surveillance video.

Four women came into the shop and talked to the manager before one of them distracted him and the others stole the boot. Hogan said he was planning on filing a police report. He believed the girls were in town for spring break because they showed the manager Michigan state IDs.

Clearwater police later told TMZ that they are investigating the crime and believe the boot was taken by “a heavyset white female in her 50s.” Police say the girls may have distracted the manager by knocking over a statue of Hogan outside the door to create the diversion.