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Former Women’s Champion Retiring, WWE SummerSlam Buyrate Down

– According to updated numbers from WWE, the preliminary buyrate for WWE’s 2011 SummerSlam pay-per-view is only 301,000 buys, down from the 350,000 buys in 2010 and 369,000 buys in 2009. The preliminary number has 174,000 buys from North America and 127,000 internationally.

– Former WWF Women’s Champion Bull Nakano, who hasn’t had much to do with wrestling since 1996, recently announced she would retire at a show on her 44th birthday at the Tokyo Dome City Hall, January 8th, 2012.

Nakano, who was down to 130lbs. last year when she married kickboxer Daisuke Aoki, has been a professional golfer since leaving wrestling. She recently appeared at a show in Japan and said she would play the Nakano character one last time on January 8th but would not wrestle because of a 1997 operation on her knees. She is currently eating heavy to get her weight up and weight in at 187 lbs at last word. It’s expected that many of the women’s stars from the 90’s will be appearing on the show. Former WWF women’s wrestler Aja Kong, who teamed with and feuded with Nakano, has already been confirmed for the show.


  • Yo

    I watch PPVs free online 🙂

  • Nicholas

    There are reason why buyrates are down. 1. Not that many people are buying the Summerslam PPV what most of the WWE fans are doing is going to WWE Bash party around there city. Where you can go watch the WWE PPV for free. Plus some people watch the Summerslam PPv on the internet. The reason why is the way the economy are so wrestling fans are finding cheaper ways to watch WWE PPv. How do I know this because that is what I do. I never bought one single WWE PPV. I go to the closes WWE Party bash an watch the PPV for free. To me it just make sense.

    To me Summerslam was a darn sold PPV. I see the WWE getting better each an every week. The PPV has been unpredicable ending and to me just like seeing WWE become fun again. Even though the internet fans may not see it that way.

  • they make the programming worse and worse and wonder how the rates go down ? WTF ? what you expect?

    granted its got better but some people would have been put right off with how shit it was a few years ago and prob vowed then and there to never watch again….loosing them forever were as u have got ppl like me who hasn’t seen “LIVE” show in almost 3 years, i usually read the reviews then decide weither or not its worth a watch

    sad as fuck but thats what its came too

  • Jimbo

    That’s too bad, I thought it was a solid PPV. Plus, you’d think the Punk/Cena rematch would draw.

  • Matt

    This is what happens when you pretend that the former wwe champion is still the champion by beating a jobber like rey mysterio.

  • Buttercastle

    So she’s not going to wrestle, but she went and put on 57 pounds? You figure if she wasn’t around since 1996 and is now a pro golfer, people probably figured she already retired from wrestling.