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New World Champion & US Champion Crowned, Dark Match from Tonight

– Kofi Kingston is the new WWE United States Champion after defeating Sheamus at tonight’s WWE Extreme Rules pay-per-view.

– Christian became the new World Heavyweight Champion after defeating Alberto Del Rio tonight. Christian won the Ladder Match after Edge made an appearance and distracted Del Rio. Edge and Christian then celebrated the big win.

– The dark match before tonight’s pay-per-view in Florida saw Sin Cara defeat Tyson Kidd.

  • venom

    I think Christian will defend against Cody or Sheamus.

  • scsa852k

    I wonder whom Christian will face now to defend his title.

  • Del Rio will win king of the ring and face John Cena…as for Christian…OH YAAAAAAAAA….Chrisitna is the man! Gonna start watching wwe regularly again just because of him. GOTTA LOVE IT

  • JAck45

    lol @ CC hahaha
    good on Christian but Del Rio should of taken it.

  • CC

    “New World Champion Crowned” – No shit! I mean, its not like neither of the two guys in the match were World champion and that the title was vacated.

  • Davey

    Hmmm I quite like Kofi but when he was Intercontinental Champ all the WWE did with him was make the title almost worthless by having him lose several “non title” matches and not pushing the title at all.
    Lets hope they do more with him now he’s US champ

  • CM Mark

    Way to go Christian. You deserve it.

  • Paton

    FINALLY, great moment. WWE have finally seen the light

  • misfit del rio

    It was a rhetorical question.

  • Renz

    finally we wont have the christian marks saying “when, when, when will he be world champ in WWE?” FINALLY we wont have to hear it anymore

  • shawn

    right on christian!

  • chilly

    cena won against morrison and miz


    Yo Fast Five was good stuff!!!!!!!!!!!! I recommend everybody go see it and support The Rock in his best role so far. “Stay the Fuck out of my way.”—The Rock LOL

  • misfit del rio

    Chilly, what new wwe champion?

  • chilly

    shouldn’t this include new wwe champion as well ?