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World Title Changes Hands On Impact Wrestling, Hardcore Justice Main Event Set

Sting regained the TNA World Heavyweight Championship from Mr. Anderson last night on Impact Wrestling, after Fortune and Kurt Angle, disguised as his clown minions, attacked each member of Immortal, preventing them from interfering in the match.

Sting lost the belt last month at Slammiversary IX, following outside interference from Eric Bischoff. He invoked his rematch clause on last night’s show.

TNA Wrestling has announced that Sting will defend his newly won title against Kurt Angle next month at Hardcore Justice, which takes place August 7. Angle became the No. 1 contender to the strap last month at Slammiversary after defeating Jeff Jarrett.

At four TNA World Heavyweight Championship reigns, Sting now shares the record for most reigns with Kurt Angle.

  • Camille

    One step forward, two steps back.

  • Symbiote

    His joker gimmick is lame!

  • ICE

    tna ppvs are great but impact wrestling on thursdays needs help

  • jushin liger

    I think he meant legitimately beat him on his own without interference.seriously though i don’t get people….On the night of the destination X after the PPV everybody is on the sites talking about how TNA is finally “getting” it, then the next week they are trashing thm again.Which one is it people?It is like everybody wants instant gratification nobody understands that it will take time to turn “IMPACT” into NWA/TNA of old.Yes they need to lose some dead weight but they also have to honor contracts and not burn bridges or noone will ever want to work for them.I personally am really starting to like TNA again and i feel they show great promise.I even kinda dig the whole “joker” thing with sting because the “crow” sting was played out.I am quite biased though because stings’ the greatest’ wrestler ever in my opinion.He could seriously walk out,crap on the floor and then throw poo at the people and i would still cheer him on.hell i might even just drop trow right there and do it too lol.

  • Rucdogg

    Why did Angle say hes never beat Sting, when Sting beat him at BFG, Angle won the title back two weeks later when Nash helped him beat Sting…or was I supposed to not remember that like this is WWE?