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World Title Match Announced For Over the Limit, “WWE” Turns 10 Years Old, More

— Sheamus will defend the World Heavyweight Championship against Alberto Del Rio on May 20 at Over the Limit. The Mexican grappler’s victory over Sheamus on the April 6 SmackDown guaranteed him a future World Heavyweight Championship Match.

Other matches scheduled for the event include John Cena vs. John Laurinaitis and WWE Champion CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan.

— Today marks the ten year anniversary of “WWE.” On May 5, 2002, Vince McMahon’s sports entertainment organization launched a “Get The F Out” marketing campaign and changed all references on its website from “WWF” to “WWE,” while switching the URL from to The next day, a press release was issued announcing the official name change from World Wrestling Federation Entertainment, Inc. to World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc., or WWE, and the change was publicized later that evening during Raw.

The name change stemmed from an abbreviation dispute with the World Wide Fund for Nature. In 2000, the environmental organization sued the World Wrestling Federation for unfair trade practices, claiming the wrestling company had violated a 1994 agreement regarding international use of the WWF initials. On August 10, 2001, an English court ruled in favor of the World Wide Fund for Nature.

— WWE referee Chad Patton turns 36 years old today.

  • ant


  • yofits

    Save the sumatran rhinos. Support the WWF.

  • Jeff

    Since when does an English court have any juridiction over an AMERICAN company?

  • ant tell me about people on this site whine way too damn much

  • Buttercastle

    @Mark yet you continue to frequent this website. Derp

  • Miz1984fan

    No I’m right, your wrong

  • JohnCena33

    Screw those animals, we want WWF!

  • SYM


  • Wellsy


    You’re wrong.

  • sandman

    you see what they are doing they are trying to get cena over by facing him vs John Laurinaitis and trying to kill D bryans popularity by making him face cm punk

  • 1919dpg

    smackdown after the name change actually had it’s greatest run. paul heymans booking was fucking awesome.. then that bitch stephanie took over.

  • 1919dpg

    it really started going downhill in late 2004/2005 when JBL took the belt from guerrero. then Cena and Batista became the center of the company’s.

  • Moo

    I remember being like what the fuck just happened? When the changed it to wwe cause it was so out of nowhere. And the magic kinda died for me a little with that company when the name changed. Not saying that the past ten years were bad or anything, wrestling won,t ever die.

  • Unique

    That’s what I thought…..
    Was about to Wikipedia it…..but happy to assume we are right and Pena has his head shoved up his arse!

  • Miz1984fan

    Wwf = world wildlife fund

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    Ten years, wow. There’s still plenty of WWF references by sports announcers when fights break out and in the media. I’d rather the product continue to improve (which I felt it has during the past year) than care about the name. WWE sounded weird for a little while, but now it’s second nature.

  • dave

    THE WWE = THE World Wrestling Entertainment. THE World Wrestling ENTERTAINMENT. gimme a break. sounds TERRIBLE. ive got no other solution, they couldnt keep WWF but lets say the Superbowl changed its name to BigBowl wouldnt its sound crappy. or the NFL becomes the NFG – The NATIONAL FOOTBALL GAME.

  • Mark

    And the WWE product has sucked balls for the last ten years. This shit that is on now should not even open with the images it does every program. Those images of Stone Cold, Andre the Giant, Freddie Blassie, Ultimate Warrior, hell even Hulk Hogan, belong to the great LINEAGE of the WWF, not this weak boring as piece of shit WWE. Again I am ranting. I have gone from a a dissapointed wrestling fan to one who just does not even fucking care about the product anymore. If pro wrestling were to go away, I would not even waste the energy it would take to fart to care. So best of luck in you future endeavors.