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WrestleMania 27 Plans Being Locked, Old School RAW Update

– WWE is now starting to finalize plans for WrestleMania 27 creatively, although injuries, suspensions, etc. could change these at any time.

– All the current producers within WWE (Arn Anderson, Dean Malenko, Irwin R Shyster, etc.) are also confirmed for WWE’s Old School RAW, and ideas for them have been discussed during the past few days. It is thought that most of the appearances will be cameos.


  • idontknow2

    YES! the Coldman, the Shooter, CICLOPE is on the house!

  • Jason L

    They should have more than just cameos but actually be involved in the ring, providing their heath permits.

    The only one I would rather not see is Dusty Rhodes, unless he slimmed down. Oh and as long as he isn’t wearing the polka dots LOL.

    Maybe they can even have a 4 horsemen bit/match. There’s enough former 4 horsemen members around WWE aren’t there. I know Arn can’t wrestle but ya have Malenko, maybe Barry, Tully, and maybe Lex.

    Don’t know if JJ Dillon is still with the company though.

    I say just for a laugh they have Rotundo use the V.K. Wallstreet name that night as opposed to IRS.