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More on the WrestleMania 28 Card, WWE Officials Leaving Time for The Rock

– WrestleMania 28 may just end up being a 7 match card as officials want to leave enough time for the main events as well as backstage vignettes and promos for The Rock. Word is that The Rock will be given as much time as he wants for his promos and segments building to the main event.

Officials have announced few matches for the card with just two weeks to go because they wanted to make sure they have enough time cleared for the top matches. Triple H vs. Undertaker, CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho and The Rock vs. John Cena all have 25-30 minutes set aside.

There is talk that Hell in a Cell will be in the middle of the event with The Rock vs. John Cena going on last and possibly Punk vs. Jericho opening the show.

Source: PWInsider

  • TS93

    The point of WM is to end the show with someone holding up a world title, whether it was won or retained….we need Y2J/Punk to end the show. If HHH/Y2J can follow rock/hogan (which was 1,000x bigger than rock/cena will be) then punk/y2j can follow rock and cena.

  • dave

    I think Sheamus/ Bryan should be dropped to the pre show again. imagine that. I think WORLD title matches opening the show are very different to what im used to but who knows.

  • Jon-Jon

    So what are we getting?

    Teddy/Big Johnny
    Orton/Kane (More than likely)
    As long as the matches are QUALITY, then I’m fine with this card. I hope a Divas match is added, though. They’ve pushed Beth hard up until this point. She always seems to get the PUSH/stall out/PUSH/stall out pattern. And, for some reason, this is yet another stall out point.

  • JustanotherFickleHypocriteWWEfan

    why order when you can stream? they dont give us what we want, we pirate 🙂

  • I think they should bring back Mitb to wm!

  • Mabry

    i dont wanna see a bunch of Rock promos during the event before the match…. i wanna see matches, as fun as the Rock is i think its not good to give so much time to backstage crap, last year WM sucked because of that…. a promo or two would be fine, but a lot of them??? i mean, this isnt RAW, a ppv is to see the rivlaries unfold, not see them get promoted….

  • This Guy

    Its gonna take them a long time for them to top Wrestle Mania X-7

  • SusyRko

    Last year wa than this year, I was only looking forward to 3 matches, Cody vs misteryo, Alberto vs edge, orton vs punk, this year you have cm vs jericho, cena vs rock, Daniel v shramus, I admit that I wasn’t looking forward to taker’s match but the hell in a cell make me change my opiinion. I’m kinda upset that Ziggler diidn’t get a singles match, thought .

  • Albert

    theres no divas match so im not ordering. And its too late to build a good match between real female wrestlers so ill just wait

  • Antoine

    i just want them to add beth pheonix vs kharma and ill order wrestlemania

  • Prince

    It was 8 matches the last few years, so all this means is no divas match which is fine by me. Those are always a waste of time anyway. I’d rather have those top 3 matches get lots of time and be better than have to watch a pointless divas match or some other throw-in match.

  • Jason L

    Bad booking that way. Last I remember the Rumble winner was supposed to get a shot at whomever at the main event at Mania. Sorry Rock/Cena & sorry Taker/Trips.

    Main event IMO should be Punk/Jericho then 2nd highest should be Taker/Trips since the “streak” is such a big deal and 3rd top tier should be Cena/Rock but apparently the Cena/Rock match will be the main event.

    Granted I can see why Cena/Rock is the main event so it’ll be last & if there is any run ins or whatnot they can pick up on it at Raw

  • kitkrock

    7 matches on a 4 hours show.

    stupid VINCE.
    give hunico a spot at WM, let the cruiserweights shine on the BIG STAGE for once.

  • Splash

    With 7 matches they need to spread out the big 3 bouts. Same as the Divas match in the past always playing buffer between two main events so the crowd has time to recharge. As a fan I’m just glad to see a card with Jericho, Rock, Taker, HHH, HBK and Punk on it.

  • edgehead34

    punk vs jericho should go on either last or second last, the world title match should open wrestlemania