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First WrestleMania 29 Song, Headbangers WM Week Highlights, WWE & Discovery

– Below is the latest episode of Headbangers TV with highlights from WrestleMania 28 weekend:

– As seen during WrestleMania 28 week, WWE did several promotions with the Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch show including a backstage segment during the pay-per-view. The promotions for Deadliest Catch come from a new partnership between WWE and Discovery.

Discovery wanted to do more than just buy an ad with WWE to promote the new season of Deadliest Catch. Look for more promotions between WWE and the show this week including homepage takeovers, segments, social media alerts from WWE talents and more.

– Several readers sent word that the theme song WWE is using to promote WrestleMania 29 is “Surrender” by the band Angels & Airwaves.

  • kitkrock

    Angels and airwaves drummer, travis barker is dope!
    Check out his remixes on hip-hop songs on youtube.

  • scooter

    at least there somewhat in the right genre unlike flo-rida who ddn’t belong!

  • The Suicide Destroyer

    AVA, Angels and Airwaves for short, is a great band.

  • Gorilla

    There was a genie at the bottom of this bottle and i a drank it till i got to that bitch and i got 3 wishes my first wish is to fuck Kelly Kelly my second wish is fuck her again and my last wish is cena had beat rock at mania but that genie was a rock fan and she was on “team bring it” i said fuck you bitch give me my wish i want see cena bitch slap the toothfairy then i want celebrate and go party with the bellas but the genie said no so i was like fuck it for my last wish i wish to 4 way the bellas and KellyKelly;)…cenationa all day bitches

  • JohnCena33

    Never heard the song.

  • The Suicide Destroyer

    I’m guessing you don’t really know anything about Angels and Airwaves considering the Travis and Mark aren’t in the band. They are together in Blink 182 though.

  • heyfit

    Angels and Airwaves are AWEEEEEEEESSOOOOMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Tom Delonge, Travis Barker & Mark Hoppous.

  • Gorilla

    Wrestlemania 29 its going be great can’t wait but just waiting is half the joy of it so guess i can…but i hope vince realizes one day that every wrestler doesn’t need be on card instead make it a stacked card you know if you don’t make final cut well step your game up next year and make the show this year we could a done without show vs cody team raw vs team smackdown and orton vs kane and foleys stupid segment