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WrestleMania 31 Announcement Expected, Cena Grants Another Wish, Biggest Trash Talker

– WWE’s website has a new poll up asking fans who is the biggest trash-talker in history. The options are Roddy Piper, Steve Austin, Chris Jericho, The Rock, Superstar Billy Graham, Bobby Heenan, CM Punk, Ric Flair, Randy Savage or Jake Roberts. Surprisingly, Roberts is currently leading the poll with 33% of over 135,000 votes. The next closest is Austin with 27% and Punk with 11%.

– John Cena recently met 7 year old Chloe from Make-A-Wish and had a tea party with her:

Cena and Chloe

– The announcement regarding the WrestleMania location for 2015 is expected soon. The decision was reportedly made three or four months ago and could be either Philadelphia or the Santa Clara/San Jose area in California.

Partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • JohnCena33

    Funny how my comment has nothing to do with your long response. I just said people should respect THE MAN NOT THE CHARACTER. Also, you should assume I know everything that you said plus a lot more, I am an internet fan, I am pretty sure I can connect the dots and retrace WWE history and realize the reason people do not like Cena, so I am not sure if your response was to try to make me change my ways about Cena or if it was to insult my intelligence, but this long comment makes no sense whatsoever.

  • D2K


  • millerj265

    I applaud you good sir, that was as well said as anything could ever be.

  • D2K

    I can’t really see Wrestlemania being held at Lincoln Financial Field which is the only huge stadium in Philadelphia. They said that they aren’t doing regular arena’s anymore so Wacovia Center is out.

    Santa Clara is where Levi Stadium is being built which will be the new stadium for the 49ers. The capacity is about 68,000 for football so for a Wrestlemania it could be 70,000.

  • D2K

    We all know you are an epic Cena mark but you need to understand a few things.

    Most people have a problem with John Cena because either he, WWE or both do not understand the concept of a “character.” If John Cena was the Dr. of Thuganomics right now he still could do exactly what he just did here and have a tea party with a little girl. Children are not stupid. They are a lot smarter than we were when we were kids and even I knew that there was a difference between the character and the man or woman playing the character back in the 80’s as wrestling fan.

    When I was a kid I wouldn’t NOT want to meet Andre The Giant because he was the top heel in the WWF. Andre did truckloads of charity work while as a heel. Just the other day I saw a story about a young-man who has an condition that causes him to have painful boils and tumors all over his body. The kid is a huge Damien Sandow fan. As we know Sandow is a top-heel in WWE. Sandow took time out of his schedule to go visit this young man. I’m sure he will never forget that.

    I was a huge Austin mark during the Attitude Era. I was never really a Mick Foley fan before hand but I met him at an autograph signing at Dave Herro’s Sports Page (owner of Great Lakes Championship Wrestling) and he was cool people. This was right around the time of his Dude Love heel turn on Austin.

    The point is that changing your on-screen character does not stop you from doing charity work. This is something that neither Cena nor WWE seem to understand. You yourself have stated the other day that Cena’s character is stale. It is a fact that it is stale. He doesn’t even need to go heel, but he just needs to update his character and show some growth. His resistance to doing that on the false premise that us asking him to show us a new trick is an assault to him as a human being is what people hate. Not John Cena. You can only watch a lady getting sawed in half so many times before it gets stale.

    Hogan, Savage, HBK, Taker, Y2J, Andre, Sting, Bret, Austin, Rock, Edge, Guerrero, Kane, Booker T, Nash, Hall, Jake, HHH, Orton, and many other current and future hall of famers have all shown the ability to adapt to the changing times and progress their character accordingly adding more layers creating depth and increasing longevity. Look at the Undertaker. You think he would have lasted this long had he of just kept the Western Mortician gimmick all the way through? His character has gone through several changes and their are bits a pieces of each incorporated into what it is today. Some changes last longer than others. Cena has had one major change in his character, but the problem is that he shaved-off almost all the elements that made him popular to start with. That usually doesn’t work. The only cases I can think of that did work is Hulk Hogan going from Real American to Hollywood and Taker going from Dead-man to American Badass. Those were situations where the character was completely different from the prior and it worked well.

    His refusal to change has nothing to do with anything other than cash. Simple as that. WWE doesn’t want to lose money in merchandise if fans do not take to Cena turning heel or adjusting his character. It’s about greed and greed blinds you. It prevents you from looking at the big picture and long-term. If Cena were to go heel or come up with a change in his gimmick that the 25 and over crowd would get behind, then the merchandise that was being purchased by parents for kids would now start being purchased by the adults for themselves. But guess what? Kids want to do what the adults are doing. That’s why little kids would rather play Call Of Duty: Ghosts rather than Super Mario 3D World. If daddy thinks John Cena is cool, then little Tommy is gonna think John Cena is cool. So again parents will be buying Cena paraphernalia in addition to the new audience buying Cena paraphernalia.

    Unless someone beats the odds and becomes a major draw in WWE Cena’s character will never, ever change again.

  • JohnCena33

    And yet most of you so called “fans” still don’t respect him. This is why I like John Cena the wrestler and the man. He never betrays the kids, he does what is right, and yet some of you people still hate him after all he does. Just sad if you can not respect a man for making dying children happy. At least Scooter likes John Cena the man,

  • Scooter

    Gotta say, that picture to me sums up the reasons I’ll never hate John Cena the man.
    Seeing him taking the time out of his day to have a tea party with a little girl who may not have long left nigh near brings a tear to my eye.