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WrestleMania Rewind on the WWE Network, WWE Tryouts News, Black Sin Cara

– WWE has announced that the first show on the Network next year will be called WrestleMania Rewind. That name won the vote on WWE’s website last week with 39.32%. The other options were WrestleMania Revisited, WrestleMania Flashback, and WrestleMania Review.

– As noted before, 7 stars from the CMLL promotion in Mexico received tryouts on Sunday at the SmackDown tapings. It’s being reported that a group of independent wrestlers and talents from Mexico’s AAA promotion received tryouts at the RAW tapings on Saturday.

– The black Sin Cara will debut a new theme song called “Curse” on this Friday’s SmackDown.

  • Dale

    Yeah same song. Is not new news.

  • venom

    I know he had a new theme at Hell in a Cell. Is this the same song?

  • Dale No. His new music made it’s debut on the last smackdown. I made two posts in reply to your question just a few minutes ago, but they were deleted because they were about how I was right. W-E you missed the first one above during your censoring spree.x

  • John P.

    *I* happened 19 years ago and still hasn’t reported about it. Shameful thing.

  • Dale
  • Dale

    No, as I said, his new music made its debut on the last Smackdown. That’s why I said it. Cos it happened.

  • bic boi

    Commin 4 u nigga sin cara

  • Buttercastle

    Actually Dale if I’m not mistaken, up until now he just been using a lower tempo version of blue’s music, hasn’t he?

  • Dale

    It debut last week, Middleton. He came out to it. It was on tv and we all heard the new song. It’s the exact same song he will use this week. Do your job, cos the readers on here are tired of doing it for you.

  • The mark

    We comin for you Sin Cara Negro.