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Wrestler Comments on No ‘Wrestling’ in WWE, Rock’s Movie a Huge Hit, More

– Chris Jericho and his Dancing With the Stars partner Cheryl Burke will be on The Ellen DeGeneres Show today.

– Fast Five with The Rock opened this past Thursday in Australia and was a huge hit. One out of three people in Australia who went to the movies on Thursday went to see the movie, earning $2.4 million in one night. It will open here in the United States this week.

– WWE developmental star Seth Rollins, the former Tyler Black, was asked by a fan what he thinks about WWE not wanting to be referred to as a professional wrestling company. Rollins replied with the following:

“I think you have to understand the idea of it. I was skeptical at first too, but it’s all a marketing scheme. When push comes to shove WWE will always be professional wrestling, but they are branching out and doing so much more nowadays that the word “wrestling” really pigeonholes the brand…so eliminating the word expands the brand and creates many new avenues to go down.”

  • venom


    People can do this because there is no security on these user names. Somebody can put your name as a user and pretend to be you. There are losers out there and have nothing better to do.

  • shawn

    @venom hey, its your fault about the other venom. your suit can multiply can it?

  • venom

    Fast Five does look really good. I’m sure the fake venom will be posting soon. It’s a shame that some people can’t live their own lives and have to pretend to be somebody else. Internet bullies these days.

  • deva

    well my description above with the 5 moves mainly applies to cena and orton, watch and pay attention to their matches you’ll see

  • deva

    Dan R. and Rucdogg are right thats basicly the formula, main eventers come off with some offense ( couple punches , maybe a clothesline) , then get beat down for about 95% match , then comes back with the 5 signature moves and bam!! the hero wins, buy my shirt!!

    Yes I like to see more R truth and wrestlers like him because you know you will get entertain with good wrestling

  • luckysalt

    Snark Mark, I totally agree.

  • U ain’t awesome

    What does 5 moves have 2 what was said in this column? What about the ppv’s? on televised shows there are time limits. So what about the main events at ppv’s? 4 30 or more minutes at a main event what is cena or orton doin? Certainly not gettin beat up the match then a minute before the match is over they pull out the “5 moves” everybody notices.

  • The Great One

    I went and saw Fast 5 last friday, i live in the UK, it was awesome, rock was great in it, really whooped ass like only rock can

  • shawn

    i wonder if the term changing as of recently were partially because the wwe want to present future shows on their channel that aren’t wrestling. and hopefully when that happens, they can take care of their wrestlers if they would prefer. i just read about their ins. situation so again ill remain speechless about that.

  • Snark Mark

    If Tyler Black can continue to give carefully worded and articulate responses such as this, then he will be a company man main-eventer in no time flat.

  • J

    THe problem is that they make smackdown more and more like RAW every yr. Initially Smackdown was supposed to be a “wrestling” show, whereas Raw was more entertainment and vignette based.

    But its funny wrestling fans started watching SD more than RAw. But since RAW is the A show, that cant happen. So RAW every draft takes thier up and coming stars and does nothing with them SD does gain a big stsr no and again…

    I dont need think WWE needs to go back to wrestling i think SD needs to go back to wrestling..

  • erik

    I wish tna and wwe would do more wrestling matches than talking. it is painful to watch wwe and tna. I just watch old wwf and wcw ppvs from late 80’s and 90’s.

  • CC

    I do laugh when people make such an issue out of WWE not using the word wrestling in their name anymore. I mean, what is the official name of the other the other two “big” name wrestling companies TNA and ROH. Which of them has “wrestling” in their name?
    In fact, TNA’s official name is TNA Entertainment … thats right, Entertainment, the word that people so often diss WWE for using.
    “Copyright © 2006-2011 TNA Entertainment, LLC. All rights reserved.

    As Tyler says, its a marketing tool so as not to pidgeon hole them.
    Wrestling is a dirty word for many people in the media and in the public perception of people who dont watch it (I cant count how many times I have heard people say they stopped watching wrestling when they grew up cause its for kids, much like comic books as well).

    For the likes of WWE and TNA to get a better foothold on tv, they are better off if they dont use the word wrestling as it has too many negative reactions from tv execs.

  • Rucdogg

    @ Dan, thats the same formula that made Hogan the biggest star in the world. Get beat down, Hulk up, 3 punches, big boot and leg drop. Hulkamania runs wild,lol. maybe they are trying to recapture that

  • Dan Roberts

    Its bad that the Main eventers, are basily encouraed to play the Super hero (Get beaten down then use 5 moves to win) whereas last weeks Raw, you saw R-Truth and John Morrison Wrestling

  • deva

    oh course have u notice that cena only really does 5 moves and so does orton, the rest is about selling t shirts