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Wrestler Parts Ways With TNA Wrestling, Win A Dinner Date With Velvet Sky

— confirms Jesse Neal has parted ways with TNA Wrestling. He worked one final match for the organization at Monday’s Impact Wrestling taping in Orlando, Florida.

The founding member of Ink Inc. decided to leave TNA Wrestling after declining their request to relocate to Louisville, Kentucky to work out of developmental league Ohio Valley Wrestling.

— Matches taped Monday and Tuesday in Orlando, Florida for upcoming episodes of TNA Xplosion are as follows: Christopher Daniels vs. Devon; Kazarian vs. Samoa Joe; Christopher Daniels vs. Samoa Joe.

— To celebrate TNA Wrestling’s upcoming tour of the United Kingdom, Challenge have teamed up with the wrestling organization to run a competition which includes a first place prize of dinner with Velvet Sky. Details are available here.


  • MJ

    So TNA brought in Neal’s girlfriend just to have neal leave the company? Man that sucks! Your going to leave your girl in a company that you had to leave because creative had nothing for him.

    Ink inc was a jobber tag team im just telling the truth. notice when neal was injured shannon moore wasn’t on tv untill he came back?

    But the one thing i dont get is why is neal the only one that was offered to go to OVW? Some of the piss poor knockouts and the newer guys with no mic skills can go there as well. For exmaple GARRETT BISHOFF!

  • Ironcross

    I’m going to call slut now.

  • Dwaead

    WTF does some schmuck from the UK get a date with the hottest woman in the wrestling world, what about the poor schmuck’s over here in the US?

  • Dwayne

    Ink Inc was interesting looking team, they could of gone further with it in my humble oppinion.

  • Steve

    Forget dinner. I’d love to get a hot lunch from Velvet Sky.

  • Second City Saint

    id love a date with velvet sky lol

  • Dave

    Soim guessing Samoa Joe and Christopher Daniels are going to win their semi final matches.