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Wrestler Predicts That Brock Lesnar Will “Crack”, Kelly Kelly Tweets Dirty Laundry

— Given Brock Lesnar’s admitted distaste for WWE’s strenuous road schedule, there is skepticism on the accomplished grappler remaining content for the entire one year duration of his contract with the sports entertainment organization. One veteran wrestler who worked with Lesnar during his prior run with WWE doesn’t think that he will able to handle working for the promotion for an entire year.

The wrestler said to Pro Wrestling Torch editor Wade Keller on Monday night following Raw, “I give him four months before he cracks.”

Lesnar loathed the travel schedule so much that in 2003 he bought a private plane and hired a pilot to alleviate the stress of going through airports. Even with that and a seven-year contract for a $1 million downside guarantee, he ultimately gave notice that he would finish up at WrestleMania XX.

— Kelly Kelly suggested Friday night on Twitter that she broke up with her boyfriend, NHL player Sheldon Souray.

“Kharma is a ***** ..have a nice life,” she wrote following SmackDown. Kelly wrote “eww” minutes later after a Twitter user remarked that Souray should bring her to one of his hockey games.

Both messages have since been deleted. The WWE Diva then tweeted a quote from The Notebook suggesting the couple remains together.

  • Shawn Bronald

    Wrong and wrong.

  • The Macanic

    hahaha you guys are all funny telling eachother you guys actually have lives…yet your on a dirt sheet taking the time to argue about how your favorite soap opra sux….these wwe superstars are worried about there paychecks not about entertaing old fcks like yall that still live in the attitude era…im a wrestling fan my self and i miss it too but its OVER kids like the show just like we did and when little jimmy wants to go see wwe, daddy who misses the attitude era has to sit through the show…so they know what theyr doing and dont give a rats ass about you….so stop wasting your time hoping its gonna get better cuz it never will be the same

  • Charles Spears

    I am surprised that fans will support a man who turned his back on them, and I am not talking about John Cena.

  • tombstone

    There is a sinple solution to trolls, Do not respond to them , ignore their existence completely and they dry up and go away. But you people must enjoy them because you keep replying to them.

  • JR Mark

    @JohnCena33 why do you troll so much does it make you feel better you know what people of wrestling edge i call upon a trolling intervention for @JohnCena33

  • Reality Check

    The PG ERA have had their time to shine and the result is a sub-par product. There was never the transition between the generations like there was in the past. It takes established talent to build “new” Talent. The torch was never passed. There are quality new guys do not get me wrong but there isn’t the star power like there used to be. Wrestling and entertainment in general, always needs that bridge to the next generation. The current roster was just handed the ball and expected to run with it. They were stuffed at the goal-line. WWE was faced with the dilemma of being on the verge of extinction. They went to PG and that has been failing miserably. Considering the ratings average of raw was a 3.21 for 2011 and have been on a steady decline since 2009 is enough to back up this argument alone. UFC is the new WCW to WWE. Difference is that one portrayed a reality based wresting show and one showcases actual fights. WWE needs the shock an awe, great story telling and star power to attract viewers back as well as change the demographic of the viewers once again. It is looking like that trend is starting. Bringing the star power back is the last shot WWE has to regain popularity and build the stars they have. Cena is not a Hogan, Rock, Austin or even Goldberg ( with his short time on the top)… It takes the big three Orton, Punk, and Cena to come close to equaling one of these guys. I am not talking wrestling ability versus star power either. All in all men lie, women lie, but numbers don’t and now WWE has to evolve.

  • heyfit

    Brick Lesnar is a fatass overrated goof of a piece of shit.
    Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit & ‘Taker MADE him look good in the ole days.

    The fatass goof even botched a shooting star press for fuck’s sake.
    Dumb goof!

  • Reply to my email @@@ — WRESTLING-EDGE!!!

  • magic mushroom

    These new guys don’t have the talent of Austin,Rock,HHH theres good wrestlers like Danielson,Ziggler,Swagger but none of them standout apart from Punk thats why Vince is always bringing in Rock,Brock and Taker to amke the money the new guys aren’t making you never know in 7-8 yrs people might be having same argument about the older guys then who wil be people like Ziggler and Sheamus

  • Omar

    Think about it this way. What if WWF had brought back MachoMan & Hogan in the attitude era? Do you think Austin, Rock and HHH would have had enough air time to grow? Would they have been allowed to go over as they did?
    New stars need to be given the spotlight for the fans to accept them as stars. If someone is consistently getting over shadowed, the audience will not think of him as THE star, or THE guy…..he will remain a second fiddle to the “old” guys.

  • mitown

    JohnCena33 is a troll

  • Gorilla

    Damn johncena33 that remark of no gorillas at mania that was funny i gave it thumps up….but the banana joke not funny infact it was sick and suggesting i jerk off is even a bigger sickness i don’t pleasure myself and i say bad words because i fucking can but hey cena is still the champ at least we see eye to eye on that

  • JohnCena33

    what is your xbox gamertag molester i mean manic

  • Satan

    So much trolling

  • JohnCena33

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  • JohnCena33

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    Prick and Dick (Brock and Rock).

  • JohnCena33

    I am pretty sure a gorilla cant get into wrestlemania.

  • JohnCena33

    No joke all the time. I make Cena beat up Kelley Kelley!
    Whats your xbox gamertag, I send you a friend request and we can see who is better at WWE 12.

  • Gorilla

    I know this has nothing do with this but i was at mania and the end of an era best match in the history HISTORY of wwe … it was awsome and not like bitch ass miz awsome but badd ass awsome

  • Moe

    Hey Omar… the talent they have now can’t draw that’s why Brock is back making 5 million / year. That is why the Rock is back to generate 2 million ppv buys for WrestleMania. Do you think Mania would have drawn if the Rock wasn’t there? Before coming on here get your facts straight son!

  • JR Mark

    no one sees that kelly kelly spelt karma “Kharma”

  • RtRed

    What will make wrestling fans happy? Cena wins people whine. Cena loses people whine. Brock and rock come back people whine! Everyone is sell outs. And now I’m whining bout fans.

  • undertaker

    you suck in WWE 12. cena would whoop that ass!!

  • adam

    i’d say angle hogan or batista. Angle because he is known to make stupid commments when he is drunk. Hogan or batista just because it seems like something theyd say

  • kitkrock

    Brick Lesnar should fuck off and die.
    He sold out on the fans, and you mindless sheep cheered for him?
    You DISGUST me.

  • Gorilla

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  • Beaver Cleavage

    I dunno… given his checkered past, the number of appearances he will be making (likely all televised with no house shows), and the amount of money for one year, I think Brock will pull it off. His biggest obstacle (besides himself), will be all of his naysayers and poo-poo’ers.

  • Omar

    Id like to see Lesnar crack. It is because of his bullshit that WWE was so afraid of pushing good talent for the majority of last decade. Now that we are finally seeing good talent being pushed, look who graces the WWE with his presence.

  • 360degrees

    HHH or Jericho is unlikely don’t think they worked with him anyway and I
    couldn’t see it being Taker I just doubt he would do something like that
    maybe Show or henry. Goldberg and Lesnar supposedly friends so it wouldn’t be him either so that leaves you with Hogan,Rock,Rvd and Angle I think i’ve exhausted the list of veterans who worked with him now take your pick.

  • D2K

    I hardly call 30-40 dates within a year a “strenuous” road schedule. Especially considering the normal schdule is upwards of 200+ dates a year. Either this “anonymous wrestler” whom worked with Lesnar before was not privy to that information, or this is just another case of lazy journalism.

  • SYM

    I think it was that No Good Son of a Bitch Bastard Hardcore Holly!

  • Greg

    I doubt it was taker lesnar and taker are actually friends so its unlikely that it was taker, doubt it was HHH cus he never talks to the dirt sheets. My moneys on batista he never liked lesnar

  • JohnCena33

    Im guessing the “veteran” is either HHH, Taker (since Lesnar sold on Taker, it was scheduled at WM21 they’d fight), or Jericho. I could see Punk saying that but he wasn’t with WWE when Brock made his first run.

  • JohnCena33

    Prick Lesnar wont make it to the monday after Extreme Rules sice CENA WILL KICK HIS ASS