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Wrestler Responds to Criticism Over Working at Walmart, Says He Gets Paid More Than He Did

– It was reported by The Wrestling Observer Newsletter this week that former TNA star Jesse Neal is now working the night shift at Walmart in Orlando. Once the news got out, Neal wrote the following on Twitter:

“It’s funny how ppl make fun about real jobs and wrestlers we r human too and I have a family to provide for. So YES I man up and provide/”

“The biggest joke of all is I get paid way more at Walmart then I ever did in TNA and on time. #whatawasteoftime #PrintThat”

“I started wrestling to live a dream/make money/tell stories/learn as much as I can to give back to the people. Which I was as a kid.”

“Don’t think that this is bitterness or pissed I’m not on their show anymore. Cuz remember I left them they didn’t leave me. #truth”

“I’m still wrestling an loving it Having more fun then I’ve ever had There’s a lot of lies going around its just time ppl heard the #truth”

  • tomtom

    wrestler… LMFAO Ill bet your going to tell us it is a sport as well…… get over yourself JACKASS

  • tomtom

    douche bag!

  • nobody

    Romney lost, you piece of crap.


    Now, go sign up for the Affordable Care Act. Doctor Jellyfingers is waiting for you.

  • Daniel Schein

    The same goes for many former names that never commanded huge pay days. In fact most of the notable ECW originals work similar jobs currently.

  • Daniel Schein

    Honestly this isn’t unusual at all. Jesse Sorensen was waiting tables while he was on TV in TNA. Shane Douglas was working at Target, Justin Credible also worked at Target or one of the major retailers. Some big name indie and ROH talent manages to make enough to survive without taking a day job but the overwhelming majority work on weekdays and wrestle on weekends.

  • nobody

    This man at least got to try and make it as far as he did. And his story is a reminder of what happens to those who aren’t John Cena, Daniel Bryan and Batista. It is a humbling reminder of 2 things.

    1. An average man who works at Wal-Mart could achieve a dream within his limitations.
    2. A man who achieved his dream within his limitations works at Wal-Mart.

    Now, both of those statements; that is real humility.

  • tomtom

    and butt hurt d bags, such as yourself

  • Timothy Davis

    Not every wrestler makes it big time. Whether they deserve it or not. So more wrestlers are working average jobs and living a dream on the weekends. Give them a break they are happy so whats the fuss?!

  • Matthew Farrell

    Republicans, that’s who.

  • What kind of classes cowards would make fun of a wrestler for working a regular job to survive? Oh right….this is the internet.