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Wrestlers Who Should Have Been Bigger Deals, WWE Inbox, Big Show Reminder

– As a reminder, The Big Show will guest star on tonight’s episode of Psych at 10:00 PM on the USA Network.

– Embedded in the video below is this week’s episode of WWE Inbox. In this week’s episode Superstars name a potential Mae Young – Betty White tag team, as well as revealing what WWE job they would want aside from being a wrestler.

– WWE published an interesting list profiling 15 wrestlers who should have “been bigger deals.” Some of the wrestlers listed include The British Bulldog, Saturn, Bam Bam Bigelow, Mike Awesome, Hakushi, Chris Candido and Raven.

  • Mabry

    I never really got to see much of Raven nor Awesome on their prime. I have heard that they were very good. About Bulldog, you could be right about your point, but i do feel the he deserved at least one world championship run. Now Saturn…. Drugs and those stuff have screwed too many good wrestlers. To me, the arrival of the radicalz is one of the most important days in WWF/E history. With them, technicall skills were appreciated as never before, and Saturn was absolutely awesome… ugly as hell, but an awesome “wrestler” XD…. too bad some guys cant keep their hands, noses, livers off substances….

  • paul s

    Owen definately. Bulldog could follow orders in the ring but had no real psychology unlike Owen, or raven! Saturn fucked himself by being wiped out half the time on drugs in wwe. Wish I had seen more from Mike awesome he was unreal in the few matches I seen

  • Mabry

    he was never a world champion, which he should have, just like Owen Hart!!!!, those twie were extremely talented, but never were used as main eventers, with a couple of exceptions though….

  • Mark Newton

    Wot was wrong with the British Bulldog ?