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Partial source: PWInsider

– An interesting situation about a WrestleSlam convention in England has  happened as several former WWE talents were stopped by immigration officials as they entered the country this weekend and were turned away. Apparently someone called country officials and said that “terrorists” were sneaking in the country under the names of the wrestlers.

Bushwhacker Luke, Typhoon, Molly Holly, Mr. Fuji, Nikolai Volkoff and The Barbarian were all interviewed by officials about their entry to the country and then sent back home. The promoters of the convention were offering refunds to fans and a complimentary VIP ticket to their next event. Terry Funk, Howard Finkel and others who made it into the country were said to be going out of their way to make everything up to the fans.

– Kevin Nash recently filmed his first love scene with women’s wrestler April Hunter for the indy movie Ultimate Death Match 3 in Portland. Nash said on his Twitter page that the scene was “beyond uncomfortable.”

Nash noted that production finishes in 90 days for the movie that also features Abyss, Tommy Dreamer, Shane Douglas, Al Snow and others. Nash will be filming another movie in March called Wicked Ways.

  • RyanMKZ

    Terrorists are using wrestlers names ?
    lmfao sorry but that IS funny!!!

  • Scooter

    I’m with you cap we want the shiek back to his old ways

  • CptCannabis

    Whatever happened to the W-E Iron Shiek? Dude cut some steallar Hulk Hogan promos. We could use him now.

  • scooter

    is it wrong that I can picture the iron shiek working his gimmick on someone in immigration? seriously this is stupid I get if it was someone who was an indy wrestler or someone unknown but those guys remotely big names in the business they could surely be recognised by someone seriously

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