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Wrestlers Work Tryout Match, TNA Knockout Discusses Retirement, Roode

– TNA World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Roode turns 35 years old today.

– Independent wrestlers Vik Dalishus and Hale Collins received a tryout with TNA at this weekend’s Poughkeepsie, NY live event. Dalishus defeated Collins.

– TNA Knockout Tara spoke with this weekend to promote TNA’s live events. Regarding retirement, she said:

“The average female wrestler is in the business for maybe five or six years, but like I said before, I really love what I do. When my music hits, I cannot believe or explain the rush I still get from the crowd every time I walk through the curtain. It absolutely still sends a jolt right through me.”

“The good thing is I’ve been able to save my money and start to look at what life’s going to be after my wrestling days are over. I love this life, and it’s still so much fun for me, but I’ll know when the time is right to step away.”

  • venom

    Jason living in his fantasy world.

  • adam

    Ya its good seeling out a arena. But until they actually travel on a constant basses for live impact no one is going to give them credit because they are always taping inside there little bubble. Also they wont become a real threat to smackdown because as soon as they start getting even close to smackdown vince will do something to stop it like send undertaker cena and mysterio back over and get the ratings up. I wouldnt even be surpised if he one day moved smackdown back to thursday and send impact running to another day.

  • italia911

    Selling tickets these days its pretty hard i remember in the 90” 18000 – 20000 tickets sold out raw ppv or house show if tna sell 3000 tickets its a good number but still 5000 or 6000 would be the only way i see them becoming a real competition to wwe smackdown second grade show.

  • Jason

    Well Tyler seeing as you don’t seem to undertand the current wrestling numbers at the moment here in the states let me point this out to you. WWE Raw has a hard time selling (Not giving away) 8,000 tickets. WWE Smackdown has a hard time selling (Not giving away) 3000 tickets. TNA has been selling out small venues via 2000 to 3000 seaters for the last 4 months. So a tna house show comes close to out selling a WWE B tv show. Not bad for a 9 year old company but then again I don’t expect you to give tna any credit. There is a reason why TNA will be going out on the road 8 times this year for Impact. Numbers go up = more shows on the road.

  • Tyler(:

    LOL at Jason. 2000, proud of 2000? What?

  • adam

    ya i was suprised i thought he was in his late 20’s thirty the oldest not 35 and the same with aj he is that old to. As much as i dislike cena him and punk are the faces of the company and there both in there thirties. But the difference is cena has been in wwe as a top guy for the past 6 or 7 years and started getting big pushes when he was 28-29 entering his prime pretty much same with punk except punk has only been there like 4 or 5 years. Bobby just got the title now when he turned 35. They need to find someone who can be the face of the company a younger guy they can push.

  • roaddogg

    thats pretty old hope he gets a 6 month title run

  • Jason

    Another 2000 sold out venue, great job tna

  • adam

    WOW i had no idea bobby roode was 35. And that is the center of tna’s problem they push people to late and have no face of there company because by the time they finally decide to push people they are in there mid or late 30’s and probably considering retirment.