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Wrestling Fan Goes On Huge Rant About CM Punk


  • Vampirekiller

    Ok this guy really needs for three things to happen.
    One-Lose virginity
    Two-Move out of his parents house
    Three-Stop breathing heavily like a pedophile

  • adam tarasievich

    ok ring of honor is one of the best promotion’s there is. Also i really hope he is kiddin with some of this stuff. Because if he is this into wrestling that he is almost crying because jeff lost a title he needs some serious healp. Or he needs to go team up with matt hardy and those 2 can go make all the crazy psycho videos they want

  • Russ

    and another thing…this is exactly WHY WWE Needs to get away from this PG BullSh*t already because of immature a$$Holes like this

  • Russ

    jesus h christ…its retards like this idiot that gives wrestling & wrestling fans like me a bad name i tell ya…dude change meds

  • idontknow2

    Maybe this guy is Matt Hardy’s Video Director