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Wrestling Personalities React to Money in the Bank PPV

Here are some reactions on Twitter to tonight’s Money in the Bank PPV event.

Jim Ross: “Gonna be some sore men Monday night. @IAmJericho @JohnCena @mikethemiz @wwethebigshow, Kane all great effort. #MITB solid as hell.”

Joey Styles: “We can now add #MITB winner to @JohnCena’s long list of accolades. Keep your head on a swivel @CMPunk!”

Maria Kanellis: “Thank you @WWE for a great ppv!”

JBL: “Great PPV. @JohnCena wins MITB. Awesome effort by the guys. @WWETheBigShow and @IAmJericho and Kane are better than ever!”

Vickie Guerrero: “My respect goes out to the guys tonight in #MITB! They gave 100%+ and it was a great show”

  • yofits

    Maria Kanellis watched MITB? Does she have no life? lol

    JBL not mentioning Miz = epic lol.

  • SYM

    In other words WWE Partners, Employees, and Maria comment on the PPV. Their opinions don’t really matter because they have to say the PPV was good, and Maria is a idiot. The Only things that were good about the PPV was Ziggler, and CM Punk vs D Bryan (WHICH WAS VERY PREDICTABLE).

  • Bill

    I love how JBL doesn’t mention the Miz being in MITB.

  • King Albert

    Thought MITB was for fresh up and coming stars, giving first time challengers a chance to win a world championship, Now this hog / loser that doesn’t want to create stars when his career is on its way to slide makes him selfish.

    Now this 12 time world champion has tainted the true meaning and purpose of MITB. Congrats CENA you’re a hog that wants his face on everything. #givesomeoneelseachance

  • john

    it was shite!! cena was in the ppv and won? how was that good?… if he comes out on the 1000th episode at the start of the show to ramble on the show will be ruined! first half an hour gone ruined!.. or i could record the program and watch it tuesday and fast forward the gay segment ha! job done.

  • 1919dpg

    the second mitb match was bland and boring.

  • chris benoit

    ziggler shouldndof won the othr breifcase if his a raw guy kind of kills the conspect of the seprate one now i will clal it aa rawdown money in the bank match now

  • SYM

    Keeping his head on a swivel won’t do any good cause u can’t see John Cena! WWE title is coming home to its rightful owner.

  • JC

    “Keep your head on a swivel @CMPunk!””

    WTH? Punk can out wrestle and out fight Cena.. and puts on a better “show” doing it..