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PAIGE and AJ LEE Ass Pics *Must-See*

I recount the latest news such as: Lawler piledriver banned? Rock to finish Mania? WWE hoping for 1 million PPV buys, HHH inducts HBK to HOF, fan injury, Smackdown on iTunes, and Snoop Dog at Mania Question of the week: how would you make the WWE Hall of Fame more legit?
  • Bilal V

    Thanks for the comments. TomC I did a YouTube search since I hadn’t heard of Kurt before and its a pretty uncanny similarity. Callum it didn’t come to mind but now that you said it, I would guess that’s the kind of thing HHH would push for.

  • Callum

    didn’t hhh not want goldberg in the hof but he’s ok with drew carey and he wants it to be more legit

  • TomC

    heh – you remind me of Kurt Loder (sp?) on MTV doing his “reports.”

    nice job