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WWE ’12 DLC News, Rock & Cena Special Editions, Orton Comments on McGillicutty

– WWE is doing something different with the WWE ’12 video game as fans will be able to vote on which special edition cover gets released. “The People’s Edition” features The Rock on the cover and “The Champ’s Edition” features John Cena on the cover. The special release that’s picked will also have exclusive content with it. Voting is now going on online.

– Jerry Lawler revealed at the WWE ’12 roster reveal today that not only will he be an announcer in the game, he will also be one of the downloadable stars once the game is released.

– Randy Orton, who is on the cover of WWE ’12, appeared at the roster reveal today to talk to the fans. Orton talked about Michael McGillicutty’s name being announced. Orton talked about how he had the privilege to work with the late Curt Hennig and said it’s a travesty that McGillicutty can’t go by his real name of Joe Hennig.

  • CC

    Oh, and it didnt hurt Randy Savage to wrestle under a different name to his father.

  • CC

    In some respects you can fully understand why WWE would give a legacy guy a different name, and why maybe a wrestler might not want to use the legacy name as well. With a name comes a responsibility and pressure that doesnt come to someone with no wrestling history behind them. Joe wouldnt want to risk tarnishing the name if he wasnt able to perform at a level similar to his father.
    And lets face it, he isnt the first legacy wrestler to wrestle under a different name, and he wont be the last.
    Rhodes wrestling as Goldust, Lawler wrestling as Grand Master Sexay, Gordy wrestling as Jesse, Rotunda wrestling as Husky Harris etc etc etc.

    I’m sure that somewhere down the line, if he proves himself, they will go the Sim Snuka route with him, and change his name through some kind of relaunch.

  • Otakuking

    There should be a CM Punk Edition called “Voice of Voiceless”

  • venom

    Micheal Mc is such a lame name. Joe Hennig is better.

  • CiB

    Partly I think it might be pressure. You introduce a guy who’s Mr Perfect’s on, and give him a name that doesn’t obfuscate that, epople expect a “Mr Perfect” quality wrestler- that isn’t Joe yet. Let him learn the craft, let him get good enough so that he matches peoples expectations of Mr Perfects son, then let him call himself Joe Hennig, and not obfuscate his heritage any more.

  • JIR

    Orton has the right Idea why can’t the Son of a Legend use his real name they do acknowledge that he is the son of Mr. Perfect and really if Ziggler wasn’t so good his character should have gone to Joe Henning

  • White mark

    I think with more time he’ll get better. He cames from a long line of talented wrestlers.

  • SusyRko

    I kinda see Michael Mc like a generic wrestler nothing special in him