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WWE 205 Live Results for 1/10/17

Here are the results from today’s (Tuesday, January 10, 2017) episode of WWE 205 Live (courtesy of Wrestling Inc.):

– We open with a video package highlighting the saga between Cedric Alexander, Noam Dar, and Alicia Fox.

– The competitors make their entrance, and Dar comes armed with a microphone. He says the ladies in attendance know why he’s called “The Scottish Supernova,” and after he beats Alexander, he might just show Fox.

Noam Dar vs. Cedric Alexander (w/ Alicia Fox)

Alexander refuses the handshake and immediately corners Dar. Lots of gusto behind Alexander’s strikes tonight. Absolutely huge uppercut on the outside. Back in the ring and Cedric delivers a drop kick for a two count. Alexander goes for his handspring attack, but Dar meets him at the rope for a shot and takes control. Dar works over the arms of Alexander and goes into the ground and pound. Sunset Flip into a cover and a kickout. Dar with a stiff shot to retaliate from earlier and another near fall. Straight Jacket locked in on Cedric as Fox gets the crowd back in it. Dar shuts it down and slows it down. Alexander counters into a Straight Jacket of his own, but another reversal and arm attack from Dar. Snapmare and a seated back elbow from Dar. Foxy pounding the apron again and unsuccessfully aids her beau back into the match. Dar continues to work the arm but Alexander slips out. Cedric up top, goes for a the flying clothesline, but gets caught in an arm bar. Dar takes Alexander over to the ring post and slings his arm onto the stairs. Dar traps Alexander’s arm, goes to crush it, and Fox steps in the way. Alexander able to hop back in the ring and hit a drop kick to the outside. Springboard clothesline hits the spot this time, pulls Dar up for the Lumbar Check, but blocked. Handspring kick delivers this time, cover for a two. Dar rolls up Alexander with a handful of trunks, but a kick out. Alexander heads up top, but Dar pushes him into the ring post for a crash landing. Alexander goes for a moonsault, Fox pulls Dar out of the way for some reason, and Dar hits a running kick for the pin and victory. The saga continues.

Winner via Pinfall: Noam Dar

– After the match, Dar celebrates, and a kiss is met with a slap. Fox inching back to Crazy Fox territory.

– Promo for Rich Swann vs. Tony Nese later tonight.

– Video package for Akira Tozawa with comments from Kalisto and highlights from the CWC. He’s announced as “coming soon.”

– A look back at The Brian Kendrick getting sprayed with Tajiri’s Green Mist as he heads to the ring. Kendrick calls Tajiri and sneaky snake and snakey sneak. Kendrick talks a bit about his opponent, Sean Maluta. Says if Tajiri can beat him, he can’t last 30 with him.

Sean Maluta vs. The Brian Kendrick

Maluta with the early shots and Kendrick resets the game plan. Crucifix roll-up from Maluta for a near fall. “The Samoan Dragon” going toe-to-toe with the veteran. Somersault dive from the apron takes out Kendrick. Diving headbutt from Maluta, which never feels good against Samoans. Kendrick with the wiley moves to get back in it and cinches in a Cobra Clutch. Crowd gets Maluta back in it, but short lived. Maluta sends Kendrick a glare, ducks a shot, and hits a sweet DDT. Maluta misses Rolling Thunder, but hits a kick as Kendrick charges. Maluta gets two of the three amigos, and hits a core buster. Maluta heads up top, Kendrick gets the knees up on the frog splash, and transitions into the Captain’s Hook. Maluta has no choice but to tap, but nice showing.

Winner via Submission: The Brian Kendrick

– Backstage with Cedric and Alicia. Cedric bids Alicia adieu, and Alicia’s transformation into Crazy Fox is complete.

– Jack Gallagher makes his grand entrance as he acknowledges the crowd dressed to the nines. Daivari looking dapper as well as the “parley” gets under way. Gallagher says this little scuffle between them needs to end, but then gets silent. Daivari chimes in and says he’s not gentleman, and he’s here to squash guys like Jack and says he should be here to surrender. Jack says there wasn’t a guarantee that this would end quietly. Gallagher offers an “I Forfeit” match and has a contract to be signed. Daivari says it will be his pleasure. Gallagher takes off some of the outer layers, hopes the queen isn’t watching, and takes down Daivari after “William” the umbrella is tossed away. Officials come out for the breakup to end the segment.

Rich Swann vs. Tony Nese

The champ sporting a new jacket as he dances to the ring. The supremely confident “Premiere Athlete” out to a decent reaction. A begrudging handshake and we’re under way. Nese showing his power with the tight waist lock, but Swann fights out. Lengthy athletic whip exchange ended with a drop kick that sends Nese outside. Swann joins him, looks to whip Nese to the barricade. Nese catches Swann and tosses him midsection first onto the top of the barricade. Back in the ring and body scissors applied to Swann, then switches to chin lock. Swann fights out, goes for a corner attack, but Nese sets him up on the top turnbuckle. Big knee actually pops Swann up onto Nese’s shoulders leading to a gut buster. Huge whip and turnbuckle bump by the champ as Nese gloats.

Corner attack reversed once again. Big shots to the face of Nese from Swann. Champ goes for a whip but tripped up by Nese. Springboard by Swann. Nese on the top, jumping rana by Swann and a near fall. Swann looks for the Tiger Bomb, but reversed. Nese goes on an impressive sequence of a matrix, strikes, and a double stomp. Swann out at two. There’s the Tiger Bomb and Nese kicks out. Finally some noise from the crowd as they urge the champion on. Swann chops Nese down just to build him back up for the Swann Song and the win.

Winner via Pinfall: Rich Swann

– After the match, Swann takes the mic and calls Neville a gargoyle. He says he’s still the champ and 205 Live is still his show. Neville comes out and says contrary opinions to the champ’s. Swann continues to pick on Neville to actual boo’s. Neville wants a shot at the Cruiserweight Title. Swann says name the time and the place, but when or where ever it is, Neville can’t handle this. Neville challenges for the title to take place at the Royal Rumble.