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WWE Able to Book Brock Lesnar for More Dates as Champion, More on Merriman & WWE

– Regarding Brock Lesnar’s deal with WWE, they’re able to book him as WWE World Heavyweight Champion for RAW and pay-per-view events based on when they feel they want him on TV. In the past Lesnar’s dates and angles have been planned out months in advance. There is an agreement in place where WWE can increase Lesnar’s dates on a pro-rate basis.

– We noted before that former NFL player Shawne Merriman is no longer affiliated with WWE. He actually never signed a WWE contract and the story from within WWE now is that he was just making guest appearances for them around WrestleMania XXX time. At the time it was reported that WWE wanted Merriman to be announcer and he was going to b doing some in-ring training.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Where’smywrestling?

    I haven’t watch WWE since he became champion so noooo he doesn’t make all of us want to watch not at all.

  • ddfindl


  • Nicholas Giambattista

    I think because Brock Lasner is in the best shape of his life he is more able to be wrestling more and more. I think him being WWE World Champion is really great for the WWE. Because love him or hate him you will tune into watch him. No matter if you like him or not you will watch Brock Lasner. You can tell by him being champion right now many of the WWE superstar have to step it up. Sorry but it true love him or hate him you will tune into watch him. It why he been so successful in both WWE and UFC. Yes he was a success in UFC he was the heavyweight champion and people tune into watch him love him or hate him. Don’t think the number in the UFC for the Heavyweight fights has been the same. Sorry maybe I am wrong just saying he makes people want to watch him. Brock Lasner is draw and WWE knows it.