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WWE Advertising “CM Drunk” Segment For Raw, Brock Lesnar Photo Pulled

— WWE’s Breaking News mobile alert service issued a text message to mobile subscribers Monday reading, “BREAKING NEWS: CM Punk spotted in London pub. Is it CM Punk or CM Drunk? Exclusive video on Raw tonight.” published an article regarding this, advertising: “What will the footage show? What does this mean for CM Punk’s longtime pledge against alcohol? How might this news affect the main event of Raw, featuring the WWE Champion against Mark Henry in a No Count-Out, No Disqualification Match for the title?”

— As reported earlier, posted a photo of Brock Lesnar in his new WWE ring gear playing off his background in mixed martial arts. The photo surfaced prematurely as it had not yet been published on the website. has since deleted the photo.

— English wrestler Pac was backstage at Monday’s Raw SuperShow in London, England. He currently works for Dragon Gate and Dragon Gate USA.

— Ryback’s opponent on last week’s episode of SmackDown was independent wrestler Bobby Shields.


  • hey hey

    WWE should just have lesnars original attire like he had

  • scooter

    SIGN PAC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Power of the people????…well here is what i think would make wwe alot better
    1:Get rid of PG ERA
    3:Make tag team division have a meaning too it
    4:Sign New talent from CZW & ROH
    5:Make every ppv worth watching
    6:Bring in Sting,Samoa Joe and Aj Styles
    7: Bring back RVD,Jeff Hardy and Bobby Lashly
    8:Lord Tensai needs to go
    9:get rid of smackdown it would help story lines progress really good and make raw alot better

  • JustanotherFickleHypocriteWWEfan

    that we do LSC, but nothing better than pub and a cold pint.

    also didnt you know?? if america say something, its truthful, gospel fact!!!!

    ahh ignorance is bliss

  • LSC

    Lol, They do know in British pubs we also do sell NON ALCOHOLIC DRINKS….Once again, WWE fuck up

  • Bill

    Jericho dressed as Punk? Sounds hilarious! Can’t wait…