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- Linda McMahon was originally planning on attending the WWE Fan Appreciation event this past weekend but did not appear and wasn’t in the building.

- FCW star Brodus Clay (George Murdoch, G-Rilla) wrestled at the SmackDown live event in Boston yesterday, losing to JTG. Clay was originally signed by WWE in 2006, released in 2008 and then re-signed earlier this year. Clay, who is 6 foot 8 and 375 pounds, played the heel role in his match with JTG.

- WWE will begin airing a Kofi Kingston pay-per-view special titled “WWE Presents: Kofi Kingston – Boom!” on Saturday, December 4th with a 2 hour runtime. This may be content from the Kofi Kingston DVD set that was originally planned for 2010 but nixed for unknown reasons. Here’s the promotional material:

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  • rko

    Kofee dvd…..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    It must come with a bong.

  • jim

    time to give kofi a push…but in wwe though the ones with talent get no pushes why the non talent guys like miz get shoved down our throats.

  • Jason

    I think kofi should be givin the ball.

  • kyle

    i hate kofi he’s constenly being rammed at us

  • Davey Zoo

    It isn’t called “Boom!”

    It’s Called “BOOM!, BOOM!, BOOM!”

  • Ron

    Actually, Goldust has one coming out, and a book, also. Why do you think the sudden “push” and feud with Ted DiBiase is going on?

  • Ronald

    A Kofi DVD? Did this guy become a Hall of Famer and I didn’t notice? Nothing at all against Kofi, I think he’s a hell of a talent and an overall great guy, but what exactly has he accomplished so far to warrant a DVD set? Wait until his career is coming to an end and he’s been in the business for a 10-15 years, then consider (note: consider) a DVD special. Damn!

  • scooter

    so kofi and morrison were supposed to have their first dvds before jericho sorry but thats just plain disrespectful how about giving a guy like christian a dvd or a tv special or hey how about goldust how about the guys who have actually been around long enough to fill a dvd with good matches!

  • jorel

    your f&@#N kiddn

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