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WWE and Drug References for Tonight’s RAW Guest Hosts

– While it remains unclear how much of Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong’s drug shtick will emerge during their guest hosting gig on Monday’s PG edition of WWE RAW,’s preview doesn’t hold back on making puns related to drug use.

Despite actively fining wrestlers who are caught smoking marijuana, WWE’s preview for RAW reads as follows:

“One Trippy RAW – RAW will be taken to a higher level when comedy legends Cheech and Chong guest host live from Oklahoma City. Taking a break from their comedy tour, the duo will no doubt want to ensure everyone has a great time.”

  • Jordan

    Guest Host things is great that one thing raw has ever done 4real i love this raw with the lucky charms mellows that was crazy

  • Daniel Interlandi

    I liked Cheech on Nash Bridges (wasn’t he on a few weeks ago?). unless RVD joins them for a smoke then it should be uninteresting

  • stockshark

    Serioulsy Cheech and Chong their old and stale jutst like RAW has been…… RAW main event Cena vs Batista or Cena vs Orton Cena vs wait maybe Cheech and Chong sliped me something cause every thing keeps repeating its self ………..oh wait maybe its just RAW that keeps repeating !!!!!!!! BTW who’s that old lady they keep trying to pass of as Brett Hart? I think she may have taught PE and my old high school!!!!!

  • Sean

    The worst guest hosts, so far, have been the ones who are least familiar with the product. Cheech and Chong admit to know next-to-nothing about the WWE. Hopefully, their role is very limited tonight!

  • edgehead

    im sorry but i do enjoy the guest hosts. and my Dad hasnt watched Wrestling in years (Since Owens death) so he is watching tonight cause he loves these guys.

  • Joey

    Good thing nobody gives a rats a$$ what slim jim thinks

  • Jon

    I hope Stone Cold does it next week to challenge TNA. What a great Raw that would be.

  • Tony G

    FUCK YEAH for Cheech and Chong, Wrestlings better when high anyway. Yall need to chill. haha

  • $

    God this guest host garbage needs to end! No one cares WWE

  • jim

    get real wwe.cheech and chong said they didnt eve know what WWE was.the only reason they are hosting is because their agent booked them.besides i dont want to see to old fart stoners hosting raw geez.sure the dope heads may like it but not me.