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WWE Announced 3 New RAW Guest Hosts

– WWE has announced who will host Monday Night RAW on February 22nd (the night after the Elimination Chamber PPV) and March 8th.

Just added to’s RAW host page are:

February 22, 2010: Jewel & Ty Murray
What does two-time Grammy Award winner Jewel and nine-time bull riding world champion Ty Murray have in common? They are a celebrity power couple ready to bring even more action and excitement to Monday Night Raw live from Indianapolis.

March 8, 2010: Criss Angel
Raw will bring extra magic and quite possibly blow your mind only three weeks before WrestleMania as the “mindfreak” himself, Criss Angel, hosts Raw from Portland, Ore.

  • misery

    get over yourselves guys. 1) its just a show and 2) if you hate it don’t watch it. i’m just waiting for someone to beat the *bleep* outta sheamus. damn he needs a tan.

  • thedeadlygame

    dont like it watch hogan on tna morons

  • Vinceite

    Hey guys. If you don’t like the guest host gimmick (which I HATE) go to and hit contact, and go to the Raw Brand. Then tell them how much you hate the garbage. Do they read it? I have no clue. But it’s worth a try! Anything to get this junk off my TV. I can’t believe they’re still running this foolishness!

  • Rob

    Wait til Steve Austin guests hosts next month. Bret Hart will be there, D-X, Vince Mcmahon, someone’s getting their ass kicked, I hope Stone Cold goes nuts and beats the crap out of everyone.

  • Vince McMahon

    Well Zach yes, I do read your posts over here and I’m glad to say that the Raw Guest Host angel will go on forever.

  • Zach

    do the wwe officials see what everyone posts on here??

  • paul

    is Vince McMahon that old where he should know by now that having these “Raw Guest Host” is just killing the Raw ? get a fucking GM, enough is enough…

  • XAV

    If jewel gets naked fine. Maybe Chris Angel can magically make this stipid guest host gig disapear from all our memories and the idea of it from the Mcmahons heads.

  • Nick

    @edgehead15 – What’s there to wonder?? WWE went PG for Kids for the sake of money. Just like they went PG-13 in the late 90’s. Us Hogan fans grew up wanted more… enter The Rock, Austin, D-X, etc. Once Cena fans get to be about 15 and 16, it’ll go back to a more edgier product.

  • edgehead15

    Yeah 2 hrs of Criss Angel doing magic tricks backstage with Hornswogglee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Also the brutal stuff shown on that show Mindfreak, is that PG?

    Is Criss Angel even a role model to anyone?

    Sometimes I wonder, did WWE go PG for the kids or for the sake of money?

  • dill

    I said SHlT!! you fckin PG site.

  • dill

    F^CKIN JEWEL. are your fuc(kin serious!!?? F^ck this Sh!t already. the only thing worse than that is reading one of devil_risings columns . . . ummm I mean posts.


    not watching raw on the 8th

  • darryl

    dudes after Shatner’s Performance I am willling to watch Others. but the Good Ones are Few and Far Between. Oh and this isn’t My Opinion or any thing. I’m Just Saying . there was a Show Called Supernatural, On the CW. anyways I think it was season 3 There was an Episode Entitled ” Chris Angel Is A Douche Bag” I’m Just saying

  • Mannul

    Jewel? I like her as a performer but I don’t see her being a good host for a wrestling show,if you can even call RAW a wrestling show anymore. And I just have a bad feeling that that moron criss angel is going to ruin RAW by doing stupid magic tricks all night.

  • baddog_1_2k

    have I mention just how much I hate the B.S!

  • Jeff

    i really thought it was going to be alot better then this wen Trump announced it back in last yr..I think think they should have a random fan or somthing..But then again wwe would have that scripted it would be a wrestler’s son we never heard say ohhh randy orton’s son if he has a son.

  • Rated E-dgehead

    A singer and a bullrider… What do they really add to the show? Very few of the hosts have actually added anything good to the show.

    Chris Angel on the other hand is a good choice. He could actually add something cool to the show. He could make Big Show disappear or something like that lol.

  • scooter

    who and who? also Dustin if TNA goes mondays they said they won’t probably to keep the casual audience

  • Dustin

    Of for the love of god, scrap this dumbass gimmick already!