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WWE Makes Announcement Regarding Next Week’s RAW and SmackDown

– WWE announced the following today:

“Both Raw and SmackDown are about to get extreme makeovers. In an effort to help determine which General Manager should control both shows, the WWE Board of Directors has decided to switch control of each show next week. SmackDown GM Theodore Long will take control of Monday night’s Raw while Raw GM John Laurinaitis takes the reins of next Friday’s SmackDown.

The decision comes one week after Laurinaitis announced at Elimination Chamber that he will seek control over both shows, bolstered by flattering testimonials by Superstars Mark Henry, Christian and Alberto Del Rio. A perturbed Long made it clear to Laurinaitis that he’s not about to take the threat to his position lying down.”

  • voice of reason

    @ the jimmy please enough with the bodily fluid updates enquiring minds don’t need to know!

  • Turd Ferguson

    maybe they can throw Good Ol’ JR and the original Cole Miner himself into the feud, and set up a tag match at WM28!

  • heyfit

    EXTREME makeovers?
    Joey Styles will be the new GM.

  • Jon

    It does not matter who will be the “General Manager”. Vince and those off camera control what is shown. The entertainment WWWE has been promoting is CRAP.

  • dan

    gorilla… your a complete dumbass if u think y2j is a wannabe hbk…. hes his own person completly

  • Bill

    Why not just have Mick Foley return as commissioner instead of 2 GMs after WM?

  • Gorilla

    Y2j sucks and ziggler does too but swagger sucks the most. It goes wanna be HBK wanna be Mr.Perfect and wanna be Kurt angle

  • Gorilla

    Well this sucks both GM’s suck and lame but Vince is Vince so it must be good I mean his ideas always work out lol

  • Stevie P

    I wonder after WM,since we will only have one GM really for both shows if they are gonna get rid of the brands.

  • Prince

    They basically already said this was happening during Raw. No need for a dumb announcement.