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WWE Looking for Announcer, More on WWE Pulling CM Punk from UFC, The Rock

– The Rock completed filming on “Snitch” this weekend. Apparently the movie is scheduled to be released in 2013.

– WWE has a new job listing on for an On-Air Announcer to be the “Face of WWE’s Live Event Promotions.” The job is based in Stamford, CT at WWE headquarters from Monday through Wednesday and requires one travel day per month. This job came open after Jack Korpela recently departed the company.

WWE has also removed their job listing for the head of the Network.

– As noted earlier, Vince McMahon reportedly pulled WWE Champion CM Punk from escorting Chael Sonnen to the Octagon at UFC’s January 28th show on FOX from Chicago. Apparently Punk was also told that he shouldn’t even be in attendance at the show. Punk was told at Monday’s RAW and one source close to the situation described it as Vince just being in one of his moods. Sonnen reportedly got it cleared with UFC and Punk had it cleared with WWE but when it became a news story, WWE changed their minds.

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  • D2K

    I wonder if Vince had plans to bring in Brock sooner rather than later and Dana White canned those plans. This could be a retaliation on his part. Immature, but it would explain a few things. Of course, Vince could just offer to buy out Lesnar’s contract from Dana White if he really wanted Brock back that badly.

  • Zane

    On CM Punk’s youtube account CMPunkMadeChicago in the description of his new video he says “Guys I will not escort Chael Sonnen to the Octagon on Jan. 28 but who says I can’t be there to watch!”

  • CM Mark


    I’ll shut up when you grow a pair and make me.

  • Loopy420

    It was the smartest thing Vince ever did. Chael is the biggest joke in the UFC. Walking out with him would tarnish the wwe champion

  • Lord KGM

    Are people stupid? Vince, I congratulate u, when Dana White pulled the ultimate “indian giver” by saying he would let Brock Lesnar join WWE whenever he wanted then said he would have to “investigate” his retirement. That was a drunken move by an amateur owner. MW if u had a clue on how the television business is ran u wouldnt be commenting on here. Fox will rob u blind and are even deeper in the business than WWE. Vince has no leverage in a deal with Fox, thus far ending negoiations. Let Brock Lesnar appear at Wrestlemania 28 and CM Punk at UFC. Enough said by the Lord!

  • Tyler(:

    CM Mark needs to shut up, that’s all you are, his mark.

    It’s funny how ‘Vince is a idiot’ yet Dana saying that Brock under contract won’t be appearing anywhere other than UFC makes him a hero. typical IWC.

  • CM Mark

    I knew something was wrong, Punk hasn’t been on twitter in almost a week. He’s usually on there blabbering daily. Vince is an idiot, this is the kind of crap that made Punk want to leave to begin with. I have no doubt they’ll take the title off of him soon.

  • venom

    Punk walking out with the fighter would be advertisment for WWE. I doubt Punk walking him to the cage would increase their buys.

  • Eddy

    Maybe thats the reason why Punk got the botched three count on Raw.
    Grumpy old man.
    I guess Vince isn’t a fan of exppsure for the WWE.
    I dont see how Punk walking with the kid could be a bad thing at all.

  • Dave

    But a very rich old fool.

  • Vince is a old fool

  • MW

    Just Vince being Vince.

    Does it have anything to do with USA/NBC not wanting him to appear on Fox?

  • JIR

    But its okay for Orton and Taker to show up at UFC PPVs

  • Stashathan

    Oh my for the love of god Vince really? Really?