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WWE Announces Another Commercial Free RAW

– WWE has announced that the USA Network will present the May 17th episode of Monday Night RAW commercial free. RAW that night will take place in Toronto, Ontario, Canada at the Air Canada Centre.

  • K2J

    Ah Hell Yeah, KFC baby! Plus DVR=+about 30mins= no commercials! I barely ever watch anything live, live anymore. F’ commercials!…..

  • AttitudeEra

    Well… i watch Raw, Smackdown, & NXT online all the time anyway were there are no commercials so whooptidoo o_O who cares…

  • Jeff

    May 17th!! Its when Kane killed his family and also the day see no evil dropped witch SUCKED!..But commercial free? Last time it was full of highlights and did you know? and smackdown rebound and all that junk.

  • Ray

    Uh, yeah, double the recaps and what not. But no one is intelligent enough to figure out that the WWE uses commercials and such to get wrestlers ready for their matches and get steel cages, etc. in place for said matches.

  • kelly

    Dan you think? I thought TNA was going to get a 4.0 that week by only showing Orlando Jordan wrestling. /sarcasm

  • arrrrtruth

    a couple of those 4 minute matches will certainly out-do the weekly 20 minute hogan/abyss promo…unless abyss has turned by then…

  • dan

    may17th raw will really destroy tna in the ratings

  • Mannul

    Why some of us still call it wrestling….I don’t know.

  • Capt Hollywood

    TYPO -should say ‘thrown in.’

  • Capt Hollywood

    I read WWE Raw is in FIRST place with ‘product placements’ in their TV show. Two hours with Slim Jims and Butterfingers and a little rasslin trwown in.

  • Matt

    Damien Phoenix on Fri, 16th Apr 2010 8:04 AM

    And you can actually see the full matches without the commercials interrupting them lol

    matches will still prolly only be 4 minutes each 😛

  • V-FF

    It wouldnt be RAW without in-house marketing lol

  • annonymouse

    well last time they did this kfc sponsored them and they pretty much had kfc buckets all over the place. it was still a decent raw though even with the in-house marketing

  • Damien Phoenix

    And you can actually see the full matches without the commercials interrupting them lol

  • Matt

    no you’ll just get double the recaps and promos! 😛

  • Rae

    So basically instead of commercials we will get the replays of the prior weeks shows, the promos hyping the feuds, etc. (WWE commercials instead of product commercials, nice)

  • Zach V

    Sweet I’m gonna be there!!1