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WWE Announces Daniel Bryan vs. World Champion, Another WWE Network Show Title

– WWE has registered to trademark “The Monday Night War” so it sounds like that will be the name of the RAW vs. Nitro themed show on the new WWE Network. Other confirmed shows for the network:

* WWE House of Fame, a Legends reality show

* WWE Divas: Heels on Wheels!, a Divas road-trip show

* WWE WrestleMania Rewind, a WrestleMania recap show

– WWE’s WrestleMania subsite has officially announced that Daniel Bryan will face the World Heavyweight Champion at next year’s WrestleMania 28 pay-per-view. They also feature a poll asking fans who Bryan should cash in against – Sin Cara, Randy Orton, Sheamus or Mark Henry.

  • Reborn

    Money in the bank is for any title anytime anywhere just because it was the smackdown money in the bank match doesn’t mean he has to only challenge someone from smackdown pay attention. And undertaker losing to bryan give me a break that’s like saying he’d lose to shawn stasiack. Yeah bet u dnt remember himin my opinion he will retire 20-0 and he had to lose to somebody it should be to somebody with as much credibility as the undertaker not some noob like bryan

  • tktawab

    Does no one remember that the money in the bank Bryan won was for the smackdown title? and the Rock vs. Cena wanted it to be for the WWE Title? I don’t see how any of this will work unless Punk takes over smackdown. I dunno, I know a lot of things change but I just remember that being the original storyline. I’d rather see punk and bryan for the strap though!

  • sandman

    I think they should keep the title on mark Henry till then and build both up and have Bryan Danielson do a underdog victory over mark henry

  • tim

    Somehow if it happens him vs Punk would be great.

  • Jimbo

    You realize Bryan will get screwed over? I’m not a mark for him or anything, but I can almost guarantee it’s going to turn into a Triple Threat match with the Rumble winner being the other participant, who will most likely by Randy Orton, with Orton winning, of course.

  • JIR

    He and Tyson Kidd can pull a decent series of matches if they are billed as HBK’s star student vs. The Last Hart Dungeon graduate to promote the rivalry DVD and let them have a PPV match with HBK in Bryan’s corner and Bret Hart in Kidd’s

  • adam

    @venom he is on the lossing streak for the same reason they put mvp on that huge one to kind of build him up threw making him look simpathetic. But i think they should turn him heel as well and i hope they dont make him be the first to lose that would suck. I would of perfered del rio being first to lose then bryan.

  • venom

    I hope Bryan wins at Wrestlemania. He deserves to be champion. I don’t understand why he was on such a losing streak.

  • Sean Mooney

    Also, did we ever figure out why typing “D-A-N-I-E-L Bryan” is blacklisted on this website? Is Vince pulling strings?

  • Sean Mooney

    I started to believe that Bryan would be the first to unsuccessfully cash in MITB after he announced he will cash in at Wrestlemania. That being said, I honestly don’t see any way of Bryan successfully cashing in unless he turns heel.

  • poko

    They’re making such a big deal about him cashing in a WM that it wouldn’t surprise me if he’s the first MitB winner to fail. Kind of an anti-climax to all the build-up. The WWE likes using the losing steak angle as an excuse for a performer to “quit wrestling”.

  • Jon

    Really i really want Orton to face Taker at Mania. It fit with his gimmick and if Taker does lose it should be under Orton.

  • numero uno

    In my opinion, bryan will cash in on cm punk and go for the wwe title last minute….that would be one hell of a match given the right amount of time.
    For the world title i believe it will be sheamus against taker, with sheamus ending the streak!!!!!Imagine, taker sends sheamus over the ropes and taker goes for his patented wrestlemania dive, only to get met with the brogue kick…Sheamus sends takers lifeless body back into the ring and pins him!!!!This would be amazing booking in my opinion.

  • JIR


    I completely forgot about them getting screwed out of WM. And if allowed they can put out a hell of a tittle match and as its going Bryan will have to be the heel for it to happen

  • somebody’s gonna get they ass kicked

    they should have …
    The Rock vs Cena…we already know thatpunk vs bryan for the wwe title, and bill as “who’s the best in the world”
    sheamus vs the miz…for the world heavyweight title…just because the miz can probably cut amazing promo’s on sheamus
    Randy Orton vs Jericho…doubt it’ll happen but it would still be great
    ADR vs Sin Cara vs Rey mysterio…just because the WWE is obsessed with marketing their product to a mexican audience, plus storyline wise, its perfect
    Undertaker vs Mark Henry vs Kane vs Big Show…because undertaker probably isnt healthy enough to go and have a 1 on 1 match and they built Mark Henry as this monster since the summer and they can bill it as taker has never had to fight 4 guys in one match before at mania

  • venom


    The winner of the royal rumble can go after Punk when he wins the WWE title. I think Sheamus will be champion to defend against Bryan. Two guys that got robbed out last year’s Wrestlemania will make up by putting the two in a mainevent.

  • n/a

    On the website, it has a picture of the match, and there is a silhouette of Randy Orton.

  • xXx

    danielson will be kennedy’d

  • Luke

    I think Bryan should turn heel.. if wwe creative was smart, they would have him start teaming up with a face and then turn his back on him.. thats just my opinion

  • MrDr3w

    Okay, so it’s five months until WM and they’re making the guy look totally WEAK. I just hope that creative has enough time to push him, so that he establishes credibility. If not, who’s even gonna care about the match?

  • nick

    the rumble is quicklyyy becoming a joke these past few yrs

  • Jabeagles

    It’s not gonna be any of them . If it was then they would not have posted it

  • Treg

    Sin Cara is World Title contender now?! o_O

  • Assassino

    so are they going to push him now? i hope so!!!

  • JIR

    Orton vs Bryan would be a solid match but everyone would know that Orton would be favored. But what if Taker fights for the tittle wins it and Bryan cashes it in to beat the streak