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WWE Announces That The Great Khali Has Been Injured by Mark Henry

– WWE has written The Great Khali off TV following the stretcher job after an attack from World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry on last Friday’s SmackDown. They posted the following on their website last night:

“ has learned that The Great Khali has suffered a fractured fibula following a brutal attack by World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry on SmackDown Friday night.

Dr. Michael Sampson confirmed the devastating injury to The Punjabi Giant and that the fracture was very similar to the injuries suffered by both Big Show and Kane at the hands of The World’s Strongest Champion.

The injury occurred moments after Mark Henry impressively secured a victory against The Great Khali following the World’s Strongest Slam. Wrapping a steel chair around the Punjabi Superstar’s leg, Henry ascended the ropes and brought all of his weight down on his opponent’s leg. Writhing in pain and unable to stand on his own, the fallen giant was tended to by medical technicians and taken out of the arena on a cart.”

  • venom

    I was glad when Khali was back, but watching his matches reminded me why he was kept off tv. Khali pretty much wrestled everybody on Smackdown. I think he might get released this time. What else is there for him to do when he comes back?

  • JIR

    Only reason Khali has a job is because he is like the Brad Pitt of Indian Cinema which has makes the WWE is super big in india

  • Centerman

    Khali gone again for some reason? Does anyone ever really enjoy a Khali match anyway?

  • Controversy = Cash

    Best of luck in all your future endeavors Khali