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WWE Announces That John Cena Is Injured

– WWE is reporting that John Cena has been injured during WWE’s European tour. Here is what they posted:

“ has learned that WWE Champion John Cena sustained an injury during WWE’s European tour. The WWE Champion injured his right Achilles tendon while battling Ryback.

The injury raises questions about the scheduled match between Cena and Ryback at Extreme Rules on May 19. What lies ahead for the Cenation leader? Does this put Ryback one step closer to capturing the WWE Title?

There are no details yet about Cena’s expected recovery time.

For more, stay with and tune in to Monday‚Äôs Raw at 8/7 CT on USA Network.”

  • Johhny

    If he is so hurt then take the title off of him,let him go away for 6 months or whatever to “heal”,and yea i liked allen’s post because it is true,

  • Jeff N

    True, thanks for pointing that out

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    If you want to know how bad an Achilles tendon is look at Kobe he out for 6 to 9 months. I could be even career threating. To me this is what led Edge to early retirement. Yes he had the neck trouble but the Achilles to me is what really did it for Edge because it took a lot out of him just to come back strong. In other words this injury is a big deal and could mean John Cena could be missing some time if it really really bad. I have great respect for John Cena not his biggest fan but don’t hate the guy either. But then again some haters never grow up.

  • Will Henderson

    nope, the Achilles tendon is farther south in the leg and connects with the Heel of your foot. ACL stands for Anterior Cruciate Ligament. completely different injury altogether, but it could take a year to recover from that.

  • Josh

    You’re definitely right. He can’t wrestle, that’s for sure.

    This stinks of a storyline injury.

  • Scooter

    You and all the people who liked this are the stupidest wrestling fans in the universe, the guys hurt plain and simple he CAN’T wrestle. Stop being a mark and realize as Jeff said he could be out for a year for all we know.

  • Jeff N

    thats a ACL thats a year out now.

  • Seriously?! They are gonna take Cena out so he doesn’t lose to Ryback. POS company.