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WWE Announces KENTA’s Signing, Comments from Triple H and KENTA

– WWE announced the following:


STAMFORD, Conn. — WWE today announced it has signed Kenta, one of Japan’s biggest stars, to its NXT division. The announcement took place during a signing ceremony at a WWE Live Event in Osaka, Japan with WWE icon and Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan presiding.

Kenta’s intense and straightforward in-ring style has led to his success in Japan, as well as during visits to the U.S. He is expected to reach new heights of global success with WWE.

“Kenta is an incredible performer who brings the crowd to its feet when he steps into the ring,” said Paul Levesque, Executive Vice President, Talent, Creative and Live Events, WWE. “WWE’s signing of Kenta reflects our continued dedication to creating a diverse roster that appeals to our global fan base.”

“I am humbled to join WWE’s NXT division and look forward to honing my craft with the global leader in sports-entertainment,” said Kenta.

Kenta will relocate to Orlando, Florida, where he will train at WWE’s state-of-the-art Performance Center to enhance his talents both athletically and creatively.

  • Nick

    Why make such a big deal out of this with a special announcement if you’re just going to send him to NXT? They built him up as this huge mega star but won’t bring him to the main roster? Now…sense they did put some effort into his signing, that gives me some high hopes that they see alot in him and see him as a potential, future big time player in WWE. Last time WWE went this far with a new signing, it was Sin Cara and they actually did push him and get behind for awhile until he flopped which was his fault tho and not WWE’s. Maybe they’ll do the same with Kenta? But WWE will probably drop the ball with him.

  • Starship__Pain

    Oh, no. Another waste of japanese talent. WWE surely knows hot to waste mexican and japanese wrestlers… Remember the living legend, Ultimo Dragon? What about Yoshi Tatsu, released some weeks ago? Psicosis, Super Crazy…

  • jgdjgdklj

    Well, at least no one else is using Go To Sleep anymore 😛

  • D2K

    Of course he should have. I’ve given up expecting WWE to do sensible things. WWE have never properly used genuine Japanese wrestlers. The only wrestlers that have had success in WWE for any length of time being billed as “Japanese” were either Samoan or Hawaiian (i.e. Mr. Fuji, Professor Tanaka, Yokozuna, etc.).

  • Timothy Davis

    Well this makes NXT even better for now. NXT is the best show they have so that’s fine even if its stupid. Guys like this don’t need to be developed.

  • Pissed Off Fan

    They make it seem like he should have gone straight to the main roster with all this hype and whatever