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WWE Announces Kharma and Other Divas for WWE ’12

– WWE announced the following Divas today for the second DLC pack for the new WWE ’12 video game:

* Kharma

* Trish Stratus

* Nikki Bella

* Brie Bella

* Alicia Fox

* Vickie Guerrero

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    Not sure if KGM is trolling or just very stupid… Nothing racist was said “prick”. OMG he said bad things about Kong… MOMMY!!!

  • venom

    ^Sensitive person^ I am surprised she is in the game because she was only around for a couple of weeks. Yes, she is coming back, but I am surprised they are not saving her for next year’s game.

  • KGM Da Master

    Look racist pricks, Beth Phoenix’s sorry ass is living through Kharmas actual storyline! Plus she’s prego, not retired, so why not put her in the game if shes coming back? Dystre or whatever your gay ass maybe, she is pregnant and a great talent. Its a shame people cant get over the past and focus on the present with the wrestling society today. Its more diverse then ever and I love it. Peace to all the intelligent fans.

  • venom

    Wow, I’m surprised Kharma made it to the game.

  • Tammy

    vickie guerrero is too ugly to be a wwe diva
    she put back on some of the weight she lost

  • Dystre Fjell

    Heard it went away because it was pregnant. I bet another 20$ that it’s gonna give birth to a hand.

  • Steve

    $20 says they put a dress on Mark Henry and called it Kharma.