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WWE Announces Launch of a New Weekly Television Show

– WWE announced that a new weekly one-hour series titled “WWE Main Event” will air on Wednesday nights at 8/7 Central on ION Television. The show will debut on October 3, 2012 and will feature WWE Superstars & Divas from both Raw & Smacdown.

“WWE looks forward to this new partnership with ION Television,” said Vince McMahon, WWE Chairman and CEO. “We are excited about producing this new television show, WWE Main Event, and bringing our fans to ION Television every Wednesday.”

  • voice of reason

    @ bc mitchell layla’s ass love love love love.

  • bc mitchell

    WWE hate hate hate hate hate. TNA hate hate hate hate. Cena hate hate hate. HHH hate hate hate. Vince hate hate hate. Raw hate hate hate. Smackdown hate hate hate. Impact hate hate hate. Orton hate hate hate. Lesnar hate hate hate. Hogan hate hate hate. Bischoff hate hate hate. Pro wrestling as a whole hate hate hate hate. That about sums up the IWC feelings right?

  • Devil_Rising

    They call it Main Event, but it will be another Superstars.

  • Skip

    The irony is no main event wrestlers will be appearing.

  • john

    why have WWE superstars when RAW turns to 3 hours?!?! why don’t they give the superstars show up and have new talent on the 3 hour episode of RAW for a change!! superstars and NXT suck!! tough enough is better than NX.. fucking.. T

  • simon07

    And they’re probably still trying to get NXT a tv deal in America. (To be fair to the new NXT it is shown in the UK and it was pretty decent).

  • SYM

    Just another WWE Superstars

  • Stockton Joe

    Raw 3 hours
    Smackdown 2 hours
    WWE Superstars 1 hour

    Can YOU say “over-exposed.” 6 hours worth of product a week. Even IF (and this IS a good bet) this is recycled “as we saw on Raw Monday night,” combined with “coming up on Smackdown” on Friday night,” this is just too much for even WWE to do. This is going to either go away quickly and quietly, or it’s going to crash and burn.

  • Joe John

    No one watches Superstars as it is..

  • Another John

    I’m assuming this is just another rehash of WWE Superstars aka WWE Sunday Night Heat aka WWE Velocity right?