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WWE Announces Release Of Raw Superstar

WWE announced Friday that they have come to terms on the release of Chris Masters.

Chris Masters released

WWE has come to terms on the release of Chris Masters as of today, August 5, 2011. WWE wishes Chris the best in all of his future endeavors.

  • rko

    Are you guys kidding? Santino still has a job because he’s entertaining and has charisma. Chris masters had the charisma of a turd.

  • John Cheesa

    So…what happened to that monster push he was supposed to get last year? This is a shame. Best of luck, Masterpiece.

  • John

    Damn I liked Masters. Like Kozlov he was being pushed as a main eventer at a point in time. Undertaker even wanted to work with him.

  • Damien Phoenix

    I’m calling bullshit for wasting great talent

  • charlie

    this is the second time he got fired

  • mark

    not suprised , was never really involved


    It should have been Santino

  • ##

    Chris, download and study some old Paul Orndorff matches on Youtube, go to Japan with MVP and see if you can come back in a year. They did release you before who says you can’t come back a 3rd time?

  • Mabry

    Wasnt there some reports early this year that after WM Masters was going to get a big push??…. i guess it was just pure BS….

  • MR. A$$HOLE!!

    its sucks that he was brought back just to be buried for years and get released again it sucks!

  • Philzibit

    That really sucks….I was starting to like Masters.

  • dan

    Melina has been released and Gail Kim quit WWE

  • Snark Mark

    Another damn shame. Chris had all the tools to really run the mid-card section of either show. He seemed really well liked by the locker room. Hopefully he can find a better shot somewhere else. A guy his size would clean up at PWG

  • venom

    I was hoping this was Santino. I guess WWE is making room for ROH guys.

  • Q-Tip

    So much for that push…