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WWE Arrives In Russia, Backstage Talk About Brock Lesnar & Michael McGillicutty

– The RAW brand has arrived in Russia and are preparing for the first-ever show in Moscow tonight. As noted before, Triple H was added to tonight’s show.

– The return of Brock Lesnar to WWE has people wondering if it will help the career of Michael McGillicutty as Lesnar and McGillicutty’s father Curt Hennig were very close friends. As of last week there hadn’t been any discussion about pushing McGillicutty but it’s said that Lesnar’s clout can’t hurt McGillicutty’s standing with the company.

On a related note, McGillicutty worked his NXT match last night against Tyson Kidd with a case of food poisoning. The match received rave reviews from people backstage including “Road Dogg” BG James. Kidd vs. McGillicutty will air today on NXT.

Partial source: PWInsider

  • scooter

    Give the kid a manager first at least I don’t want to see “the genesis of michael mcgillicuty” every week

  • kitkrock

    Michael McGillicutty has a big wart on his side stomach.

  • chronoxiong

    Can they please let Michael McGillicutty by known as his real name now? They do it for Ted Dibiase Jr. But look where that took his career. 🙁

  • Gorilla

    I personally would like see him change name and carry Henning legacy but to get to report i would like see curtis henning get a push on smackdown this summer and facing sheamus for world title at summerslam

  • JohnCena33

    I bet Jericho will cost CM Punk the Championship. Punk will feud with Jericho and Tensai throughout the summer. Brock will challenge Henry for championship. Henry will then beat Brock and then retire. A WWE championship tournament is held in which Cena will win. He then will feud with Punk (again since Punk will need his rematch) and brock. This feud will continue until road to wrestlemania. Brock will be champ heading into Mania 29 where the Rock will challenge him and most likely win the WWE championship. So my WM29 predictions
    Brock(c) vs Rock for WWE Championship
    Batista(c) vs Sheamus for World Heavyweight Title
    Punk vs Undertaker
    Cena vs Bryan
    Orton(c) vs Rhodes for IC Belt
    The Miz(c) vs Ryder for US Belt
    Lord Tensai and Big Show vs Christian and Dle Rio vs Epico and Primo vs Kofi and R-Truth in a TLC Match for Tag Championship
    Sin Cara vs Mysterio in Mask vs Mask Match.

  • zach

    go FuCk YourSelf findley


  • Devil_Rising

    If they want to push the guy, call him JOE HENNIG, and let him honor and fucking family for christ’s sake.

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow
  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    Wow, just found the wholes story on a forum, I wonder how much of this is true.

    “This infamous incident took place on a chartered flight which took place as the RAW crew flew back to the US after the 2002 Insurrextion PPV in the UK. In wrestling circles it became known as the a Plane Ride from Hell.
    Lets take a look what happened:

    Now bearing in mind Jim Ross, president of talent relations was onboard to uphold the law, along with road agents Arn Anderson, Dave Finley, Gerry Briscoe, Michael Hayes, locker room leader the undertaker was present, along with senior writers Stephanie Mcmahon and Paul Heyman…… so you’d think the crew would behave themselves right???
    Many of the guys were having a good time drinking onboard untill some got completey sloshed and things really got out of hand:
    Bradshaw got into a tiff with michael hayes, who had reportedly been in a grumpy mood the whole tour… it turned physical, and ever the bully, Bradshaw floored the former freebird… but it didn’t end there! a couple of wrestlers decided to teach Hayes a lesson by cutting his hair whilst he slept. Not surprisingly Sean ‘X-Pac’ Waltham did the honours. Hayes awoke to find his new shorter hair-do and went ballistic! With kevin nash not on tour with injury, and scott hall semi-conscious after drinking a skinfull, Waltman didn’t have a lot of backup, but somehow managed to avoid a beating. (Hayes mullet was stapled to the wall at the next RAW taping! and hayes blew another fuse).
    Of course the lunacy didn’t end there! Ric Flair was stumbling around in his robe (with no pants underneath) like he often did when partying in his NWA heyday, and exposed himself to a female flight attendent, Dustin ‘Goldust’ Runnels serenaded his ex-wife Terri with gushy lovesongs over the PA system, she was not amused! and after ignoring her pleas to stop she had to complain to jim ross who finally persuaded the drunken Runnels to finish his bad musicals!
    Meanwhile Scott Hall and Curt Henning had been having fun spraying others with shaving cream… untill the intoxicated Hall passed out. Henning got into an argument with Brock Lesnar over their shooting skills which turned into a brawl… taking Triple H and Paul Heyman to intervene… the group fell dangerously close to the plane door during the scuffle.
    Despite the presence of senior WWE personnel onboard, many wrestlers totally lost control. Even the undertaker… the so-called locker room leader, the man who commands so much backstage respect.. did virtually nothing to maintain order.
    As a consequence curt hening was released from his contract, as was scott hall, who was so docile on the trip that people had to check his pulse to see if he was still alive! Others received warnings for their misbehavior and the WWE had a huge black eye on its reputation. JR was quick to announce that WWE would no longer serve alcohol on overseas flights!”

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    I don’t recall the Taker/Angle/Vince story, Taker choked out Angle???

  • Wife Beater 3:16

    BTW Taker wasn’t even on the “plane ride to hell”, he was on the prior flight where he choked out Angle when he thought he was attacking Vince. Both Angle and Vince were wrestling.

  • Wife Beater 3:16

    Matt, it started as friendly competition and then escalated to a fight according to reports/x-pac’s recollection. Both Hall and Hennig were drunk and high off drugs.

  • donners

    didn’t the story* go:

    hennig winds up lesnar.
    lesnar does nothing.
    taker says to lesnar ‘you gonna let him talk to you like that?’.
    lesnar tries to throw hennig out of the plane.
    while it’s in the air.

    * shortened version

  • Matt

    Didn’t lesnar and hennig had a fight in a plane 10 years ago?

  • JustanotherFickleHypocriteWWEfan

    i would have michael come out saying im done with being McGillicutty im a HENNING, to re-intro himself. then maybe go after ziggler for being a parody of mr perfect?

    idk but its something, how well ziggler sells moves, could do wonders for Joe

  • zach

    wow some great news reporting right there. Community College at its best 😉