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WWE Asks If Cena Passed the Torch, WWE Stars Host Rally, More

– Chris Jericho recently filmed a hosting gig for a 10 hour mini-series for Details magazine. Jericho will release more details and air times soon.

– Cody Rhodes granted a wish through the Make-A-Wish Foundation in Memphis yesterday before the SmackDown tapings.

– Kofi Kingston, R-Truth and Alicia Fox held a “be a STAR” anti-bullying rally on Tuesday afternoon at Fairview Middle School in Memphis, Tennessee.

– World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus will be appearing at Colonial Honda in North Dartmouth, Massachusetts on October 23rd at 12pm.

– After the apparent endorsement from John Cena to Ryback on Monday’s RAW, WWE has a new article up wondering if Cena passed the torch to the newcomer. They wrote:

“Ryback, who has been nothing short of a force of nature since his arrival in April, now carries the weight of the WWE Universe on his broad shoulders. Handed to him by Cena — a 10-time WWE Champion — Ryback also carries with him the hopes and dreams of an entire locker room. Whether it’s because Cena isn’t yet healthy enough to do battle, or perhaps because the Cenation leader sees something special in the rising Superstar, the burden is now on Ryback to answer the call.

Few have been afforded the opportunity to challenge for WWE Championship gold; fewer still have claimed it. Standing now at the precipice of greatness, when Hell in a Cell descends on Ryback and Punk come Oct. 28, will Ryback live up to the enormous expectations thrust upon him by Cena and carry that torch to a title reign?”

  • ChrisDV

    Oh please, the only things Cena’s ever passed are wind & ketchup.

  • evetorres_chin

    ryback vs sheamus !!!! just thinking about it makes me want give the Mandible Claw to my dick

  • Nigger Please

    Giiiiiiiiirl I would lick Ajs brown asshole

  • Shawn

    Prediction: Cena finally turns heel at Hell in a Cell. How? Next week it will be announced that John Cena will be special guest referee. Most will assume this guarantees Ryback winning the Championship. Cena will call the match down the middle until the very end when he hits an Attitude Adjustment on Ryback thus giving Punk the win. Afterwards Cena will raise Punk’s hand in victory as he, Punk and Heyman celebrate in the victory. McMahon will be shown in with a look of dismay to end the PPV. The following Monday’s Raw will score very, very high ratings and Ryback will slowly become the new ‘face’ of the company.

  • Brock Lesnar

    Who knows Brock Lesnar may show up he is a Paul Heyman guy

  • Lew

    first of whoever say red bag is not believable or intimidating is crazy he is damn sure more intimidating than the big show more intimidating than corny ass cena

  • Dr.Dre

    The push it not fast….he’s not a believable character to be built as a monster. He’s ugly and has floppy ears as a monster but that’s all. He’s not a mute let me him speak and do a promo.

    Who has ryback defeated to have a chance at the WWE champ? Just jobbers no real matches yet…hope I get proven wrong at HIAC and he gives a good match

  • Shut up haters! Ryback is just pushed too fast just like what every smart wrestling fan. Thinks. He doesn’t suck I’m sure. He wrestled in Fcw ovw and dsw meaning he is well trained by now I’m sure. Some wrestling fans are so negative.

  • Dr.Dre

    Ryback sucks balls hard….when has he had a match longer than 3 minutes?

    My older was watching raw this monday and said ryback looks like a retart not scaring at all…..he’s not believable character to be built as a monster…feed him more jobbers! Not the WWE champ


  • David “Ranter”

    This is getting pathetic. Give me a real match as I don’t care if Ryback and the WWE Universe claim he gaves Punk the “worst beating he’s ever got” he still will not win. Ryback didn’t deserve this match. They have so many people who deserved it if Cena couldn’t go at the PPV like Cody Rhodes, Dolph Ziggler, Kane, Bryan, Wade Barrett, Swagger, Miz, Tensai, even Tyson Kid and Zakk Ryder deserved it more then him. Ryback hasn’t proved anything to me besides the fact that he works out a lot and can get the WWE Universe which isn’t hard to do apparently. Also they chant “Feed Me More” when they should say “Feed Him More”

  • KyB27

    they aint giving the title to Ryback… he’s gonna lose for sure thats where his undefeated streak ends.. smh its so obvious way to go WWE keep going down to hell some more.

  • J-J

    I think in another year Ryback will be really good & ready for the main event scene. Right now is too soon. I would like to see him in some proper feuds first so we can get to care about him more & also so he can develop & improve his craft more. But he does have a great amount of potential & will definitely ‘belong’ in the main event scene in about a year from now..

  • xXx

    i think ryan reeves will still opt for a pocket-full of candy bars than the wwe title.. go watch the tough enough vid with al snow

  • 3117

    im not ready to see skip sheffield win or lead. still boring to me