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– WWE sent out a survey earlier today asking fans for help on naming an Elimination Chamber themed pay-per-view. Below are the choices they gave:

* Chamber of Conflict
* Heavy Metal
* Battle Chamber
* No Way Out
* Elimination Chamber

  • casey

    elimination chamber

  • casey

    chambers of conflict

  • casey

    i agree with miz.

  • miz

    i want a divaz striptease ppv!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chris

    I agree that they’re about to kill these gimmick matches by making them too commonplace. They may as well start a PPV called Razor’s Edge, where the entire roster stands in the ring blading for 45 minutes. And if Scott Hall wants to return and puke on someone, I’m down with that.

  • Patrick

    yeah yall are right the did change everything ever since the pg crap came in, we dont see blood or major violence or other stuff. I mean we do get great matches but why change ppv names, it usually matches the month its in

  • The Iron Sheik


  • Anthony

    Keep No Way Out all the other names won’t replace it.

  • 6burgh

    get rid of the ppv. there shouldnt be one in between RR and Wrestlemania.

  • Matt

    Out of al the options, besides no way out, I like Heavy Metal!

  • Matt

    Mark Newton on Fri, 25th Sep 2009 5:47 AM

    Leave it as elimination chamber. No reason to change it.

    ted on Fri, 25th Sep 2009 10:22 AM

    Agreed. Leave it as elimination chamber. It is what it is.

    Its No Way Out, featuring the Elimination Chamber for the last few years retards….

  • ted

    Agreed. Leave it as elimination chamber. It is what it is.

  • Mark Newton

    Leave it as elimination chamber. No reason to change it.

  • Kinnaird

    Dont matter what the name of the ppv is. people are going 2 watch. gimmicks are what makes the company what it is. as long as the major ppv names dont change i could care less about the minor ones.

  • ddfindl

    I remember when vince named the PPV’s after things that had to do with the popular talent at the time i.e. the PPV “rock bottom” – I think austin had one too lol.

    They should name it “Rest…In…PEEEEAAAACE!” lol
    or “THE PPV… IS HERE!!!!!” idk.

  • Dustin

    Unfortunately Patrick–

    they did the complete opposite of your rule and killed the Attitude Era lol

    It sucks so much :(

  • Patrick

    keep it no way out, no fix what cant be broke plus it sounds better for it

  • LVW

    Brody; instead of dropping some of them why not just go back to when some were Smackdown, some were RAW and the main ones were both; then you would have
    Royal Rumble, Summerslam, and WM can be all 3 brands and the rest can be split between RAW and Smackdown/ECW and then add 1 interpromotional battle at each of the single brand PPVs.

  • brody

    Or In Your House, or some other lame garbage. I know they’re hurting for money like everyone else, but if they dropped a few pay per views and made them actually MATTER, gimmicked stuff like this might get some more respect. Anyone else remember when two months or so went between ppv’s, and people actually gave a rat’s a** about what happened on them? Instead of stupid storyline shockers(OMG! Undertaker gets pwned! LOLZ!), the matches actually had some momentum and interest, instead of being thrown in to kill time between Cena appearances(coughKane v. Khalicoughhackwheeze). Cut em down to maybe six a year at most, save the gimmicks for special occasions and DON’T use em if they’re not PG(Hell in a Cell pg? whatever), and watch the money pour in again. But I’m just sayin.



  • Firesoul

    Stop fucking around with the PPV’s! They were fine the way they were. What’s next, 3 separate Rumble matches for each brand at the Royal Rumble? Probably rename it to something lame like WWE Over The Top as well. Or Wrestlemania becomes “The Big One” and every match is an Iron Man match…

    It’s not an exciting new concept and it will kill the credibility of each type of match. It’s not gonna increase buyrates either…if anything, it will hurt it by changing the names.

  • Sam Malone

    Yeah, I’d just stick with No Way Out. Since they’ve done that for the past 2 years. Don’t fix what isn’t broken.

  • Dustin

    It’s what happens when you’re stuck on campus between classes lol

  • randy

    lmao Dustin, you put a lot of thought into all that

    p.s. i’d vote for bananas in pajamas

  • Dustin

    I got some.

    1. Buyrate Killer Galactica
    2. Russoful Aggression
    3. No Way Out of Cena’s Title Run
    4. Chamber of Drama (Cena’s Salute vs. Orton’s Viper Stare!)
    5. Chamber of Flaw (WWE Creative in a Battle Royal: Michael Hayes vs. Brian Gewirtz (with Mark Henry))
    6. Heavy Metal (?)
    7. The Condemned
    8. The Marine
    9. 12 Rounds
    10. Bananas in Pajamas

    I don’t know. No matter which one it is, I only hope Kanye West runs in and interrupts the chamber to yell out:

    “Yo DX and Legacy,” since this will probably be continued, “I’m really excited for yall and Ima let you finish—but SummerSlam 2003’s Triple H vs. Randy Orton vs. Kevin Nash vs. Goldberg vs. Chris Jericho vs. Shawn Michaels had one of the best Elimination Chambers of all time, ALL TIME. Just sayin’.”

  • mattyp

    lol battle chamber and chamber of conflict sound absolutely awful, keep it as no way out please wwe!

  • Drew

    Seriously, leave the lame, gimmicky pay-per-views to TNA.

  • Tim

    They really should just stick to the No Way Out moniker. Renaming all of the PPVs and stuffing them with gimmick matches is already getting stale. Also, with the PG rating, gimmick matches like Hell in a Cell are rather dull.

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