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WWE Asks If JoMo Has Lost His Mojo, Morrison’s Comments

– WWE’s website has a new article up asking, “Has JoMo lost his mojo?”

They point out that John Morrison hasn’t won a match since August and has been “smashed” by Cody Rhodes, “squashed” by Mark Henry, “creamed” by Wade Barrett, “dismantled” by Alberto Del Rio and has been “tasting the bottom of Drew McIntyre’s boot” on WWE Superstars.

Regarding returning from his neck injury earlier this year, Morrison said:

“I came back a little bit too early. Physically, I’m here. Spiritually, I’m out of my mind. I’ve got all these things going on in the periphery.”

“What I need to do is cut everything off and go back to square one. What was it that made me want to get into this business as a little John Morrison? I’ve lost touch with that. And for me to be a success I need to get it back.”

  • Diesel

    Morrison does have the potential to be world champion the problem is WWE is thick as sh**. Raw is SERIOUSLY lacking top heels &right now, and If they weren’t so busy focusing all their attention on Cena and riding his nuts constantly they’d see that. What they SHOULD do is have him turn heel like he was when he was with Miz & when he was holding the *ahem* “ECW” Title, then have him feud with Punk& Del Rio for the belt while Cena is feuding with Truth/Miz. He’d make a great champion in my book and give me a Punk vs Morrison feud over the same stale crappy Cena matches any day of the week.

  • Matt

    Date: Nov 03, 2011 at 5:35 PM


    sorry, he never had any in the first place.

  • adam

    @JIR if he does get big reactions because of that then he is not really a heel he is a tweener kind of like what punk is. If morrison went full on heel turn he would probably stop using the starship pain because it gets to much of a pop.

  • Teran

    Yeah I can’t take JoMo seriously his flashiness is way overkill, seems more like a stuntman.

  • JIR

    @adam What he becomes the first heel this generation to use big flashy moves and still get a fan reaction?

  • adam

    I dont think they will throw him out. I mean they relased the real trouble in melina im sure they sat him down and said look i know this was your girl but it was hurting your chances. Focus on what your doing not the grudges she has and you can be a HUGE star in this industry. I just doubt they would relase a hole editorial on someone they are going to drop or fire in the next fiew months. I said it before i reallly think its going to be a heel turn.

  • poko

    Morrison was really good as a heel. His feud with CM Punk was better than what was happening on RAW at the time.

    I still think the idea of a billion dollar corporation throwing away a talent because they don’t like his girlfriend, or because he was rude to a guest star, is High School level and unbelievable. It sounds like melodrama invented by soap opera fans. If they aren’t pushing him then it’s because they don’t believe in him as a draw, or creative can’t find a way to use him that they like.

    The funny thing is that they made him a face because they were running low in that regard, but now they have too many, with Shemus and Orton having turned.

  • venom

    Morrison is good. He was so close to reaching to mainevent status this year, until he tried brining Melina backstage after she was fired. I gave up on JoMo. Maybe this could be a work. You never know these days.

  • ironcross

    Morrison is well and truly over, he can see him washing windows and signing autographs in his cardboard box very soon

  • KGM Da Master

    Morrison is over. Sorry fans but he has had multiple opportunities to be the man. Creative writing has quit on him and rightfully so. This angle just shows the obvious. Id this guy had personality he would be something, even if he werent a wrestler. Peace yall

  • HR

    i think it’s a work….they have something planned for him. he is too talented for the wwe to just drop him. im sure he’s learned his lesson and will show more respect to where it is needed.

  • blue4everd

    MoJo FOR ROYAL RUMBLE 2012!!!!!

  • ironcross

    i am the be all and end all what i say is always final
    dont forget it girls

  • ironcross

    JOMO wont be around much longer

  • adam

    A heel turn for him could work instead of doing all the high flying just take some out. Like he can still do the flash kick but stop doing the starship pain instead bring back the moonlight drive neckbreaker or keep using the running knee to the face. I mean he did debut as a heel and the biggest he was in his career was as a heel in ecw and as a heel teamed with the miz.

  • CM Mark

    He needs to follow Cena and get a new look and take it one step further and get a new gimmick too while you’re at it. The doors thing sucks.

  • really

    I would go up to Vince throw the gf under the bus and just start from the bottom, X-Pac’s advice was to ride it out and not leave which is pretty good advice, it worked for Miz

  • elvisD

    Didn’t they put him in the dog house for the shit he did to Trish Stratus? They are not giving him anything to work with, Heel turn will make him more productive, he could give up the high flying for the fans, and get more grounded, The Angle would be that there is no flash for the fans, not anymore, he broke his neck and for what? He will come back better than ever as a Heel? So NO!! JOMO HAS NOT LOST MOJO, Creative just forgot how to be creative, BURN!!!!

  • CiB

    His style is far to fast to work as a heel. How can he be a heel when what he does in the ring gets pops for being spectacular?

  • SusyRko

    Since he choose to wear those white pants he is losing, he looks like a power ranger get the black ones back you look more badass

  • Dystre Fjell

    That also seems to be the way to go in my view. Get paired with a heel female manager (thus dissing Melina in real life because of jealousy) and get her to speak for you. If it worked for Ziggler, it can sure work for him.

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    Mojo? That brings me back to Austin Powers, haven’t heard that term since. On topic. Go heel and get a personality. It seemed to have been misplaced during the face turn.

  • Jason

    Heel turn soon ? Hmmmmmmmmm

  • Assassino

    Morrison should be World Champ by now! or atleast US or IC champ. Stupid Melina!