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WWE Asks “Who Is Stacy Keibler?”, Billy Gunn & Dolph Ziggler Praise Each Other

— Hollywood is abuzz after photographs surfaced of actor George Clooney and his rumored love interest, Stacy Keibler. The official WWE website has posted an article profiling the former WWE Diva with the sub-headline reading: “Who is this long-legged beauty, and how did she launch her career with WWE?”

Keibler stated two years ago during an interview with The Baltimore Sun that she had her management team inquire WWE about guest hosting the November 30, 2009 episode of Monday Night Raw emanating from her hometown of Baltimore, Maryland, but were ignored.

— Billy Gunn praised Dolph Ziggler on Twitter, who has drawn comparisons to the former WWE Superstar over the years.

“I think your doing a great job,” Gunn wrote to Ziggler. “Big fan of your work.”

Ziggler replied, “Thanks a lot, was always a big fan of yours!”

  • voice of reason

    ok count me in stud dog ever since i saw her photo’s in the bikini i think my crush has been reignited she is one beautiful woman i most definately wouldnt kick her out if i found her in my bed naked & ready to go

  • StudDog

    Hell, I still got a crush on her.

  • voice of reason

    i had the biggest crush on miss hancock as a kid she was tops to me but the whole charging the wwe, why i don’t get that.

  • StudDog

    I remember her days as Miss Hancock, The whole table dancing manager thing, and the supposed pregnancy by David Flair (that was so stupid) But actually Stacey got her first big break becoming a cheerleader for the Baltimore Ravens. Yeah I know she had small parts in a tv show and 1 movie(pecker) But WWE is what made her a household name(a spread in Maxim didnt hurt much either). I am a stacey fan I thik she is totally gorgeous and a great dancer but I think her acting leaves something to be desired. And my first response was just saying that I do not agree with effmenow, She should thank the WWE not charge them.

  • voice of reason

    stacy did start in wcw she was named ms hancock & her offsiders was “standards & practice”

  • F BOMB

    no she started in WCW get ur facts straight

  • StudDog

    ^ ^ ^ Well when the hell did you talk to her and what is exactly did she say?

    Only one person here said anything bad about her and that was twerks. The rest of us were just responding to Effemenow who said Stacey should make WWE pay her.

    I was right when I said WWE was what made Stacey famous, If not for them we never would have heard of her and she probably never would have met Clooney.

    So get your facts straight before you start hollering trolls(god that is so old) to everyone.

  • Truthiness

    It’s funny how people now want to act like Chris Master’s was some great talent.

    Also, why do all of you pathetic little internet trolls need to attack Stacey Keibler? I don’t remember her saying she was any better than anyone else.

  • The thing most everyone knows Stacy Kiebler for (outside of WWE) is fucking George CLooney. She has no actual talent, ablity, etc…In a time in the WWE where they are letting Chris Master go, paying anything a dime a dozen useless skank is senseless.

  • venom

    What did Stacey accomplish????? Nothing.

  • StudDog

    Correct me if i’m wrong but didnt WWE get Staceys face on tv to start with? Had they not have do you think she would be where she is today? I know she is beautiful but what real talent does have?

  • Sammo

    Are Billy and Dolph trying to be the new Billy and Chuck?

  • oohhh u didnt no

    Bring back THE NEW AGE OUTLAWS

  • Effmenow

    WWE riding the coattails of former employees that get relevant when they leave the company…..


  • Raziel

    Being a fake personal assistant should even be listed there. WWE loves to try to break into the mainstream media.