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Recent WWE Attendance Figures, Backstage News on Paul Heyman’s Return to RAW

– Here are some recent WWE attendance figures:

* RAW on May 4th in Huntsville, Alabama drew 4,000 fans for $150,000
* RAW on May 5th in Knoxville, Tennessee drew 6,000 fans for $200,000
* SmackDown on May 5th in Asheville, North Carolina drew 2,000 fans for $65,000
* RAW on May 6th in Chattanooga, Tennessee drew 4,800 fans for $115,000
* SmackDown on May 6th in North Charleston, South Carolina drew 3,500 fans for $120,000

– The WWE writing team knew about Paul Heyman’s return this past Monday but he was flown to Greensboro, North Carolina and hid in a trailer all day to keep it a surprise from everyone else. Vince McMahon let CM Punk know about it with the idea that Punk could tease a surprise on Twitter and help boost viewership.

Heyman has been involved with Lesnar’s character for at least a few weeks, if not from the start, just not working through WWE. WWE reportedly didn’t want Heyman involved to the point that last year when the WWE ’12 deal with Lesnar was going on, at first it was going to be Lesnar managed by Heyman in the game and WWE wanted Heyman out.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • shawn

    what the heck, i would’ve liked having Heyman in the game.

  • nick

    CM Punk doesn’t belong on twitter, watch what you say wwe (telling him to hint to the wwe fans on twitter that heyman might be helping him to boost ratings) he might tell somebody to go kill themselfs

  • chronoxiong

    Only 2000 fans went to see a Smackdown show? That is so pathetic. But the WWE still won’t have some of the RAW stars appear on the show. It makes perfect sense but yet, they don’t do it.