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Recent WWE Attendance Figures, More Backstage News on Ryback

– Below are some recent WWE attendance figures:

* RAW on June 6th in Madrid, Spain drew 6,000 fans for $270,000
* RAW on June 7th in Seville, Spain drew 4,700 fans for $230,000
* RAW on June 8th in Valencia, Spain drew 4,700 fans for $215,000
* RAW on June 9th in Barcelona drew 6,500 fans for $300,000
* SmackDown on June 9th in Salisbury, Maryland drew 4,000 fans for $125,000
* SmackDown on June 10th in Binghamton, New York drew 3,000 fans for $100,000

– Despite recent reports about WWE talents being hesitant to work with Ryback, Vince McMahon is loving how the gimmick is going. Some in the company don’t like how the crowd chants “Goldberg” and the rule is to edit it off the taped SmackDown shows but they obviously can’t on pay-per-views or RAW.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • N8daGr8

    @Tyler. Hey dipshit did I say you said he was Goldberg!! No I said he’s no Goldberg because that’s what WWE is trying to pass him off as. He’ll probably be undefeated after 100 matches and it’ll be against skinny jobbers. Where as Goldberg was actually beating top guys. And you’re missing my point fucknut when I compare him to them guys I named. I’m not comparing him to those guys for the reasons you believe. What I’m saying is WWE puts guys like this in and they go on squashing people for months ie. Those guys I mentioned. That’s all I was comparing him to. But unlike those guys he won’t be as better because he has no attraction that is going to have staying power. In a couple of years he’ll be gone and forgotten.

  • Paton

    love seeing Ryback destroy 2 midgets each week, especially his clotheline

  • Tyler(:

    Lesnar’s more talented than Ryback, what? and Lashley took on a few jobbers before fueding with Simon Dean I believe ( who yeah, wasn’t main event, but was on the actually roster ) So I don’t see your point, a big man winning matches is just to get them on a roll.

    When the fuck did I say he was Goldberg? infact I couldn’t care less, Goldberg was shit too.

  • N8daGr8

    @Tyler Really coz when Brock came in he was undefeated and was doing the exact same moves as Ryback is doing like the clotheslines and double powerbomb slams and basically destroying skinnier dudes for the first few months. Go on YouTube and watch his debut and his matches with the Hardys. And Lashley was undefeated and squashing skinny jobbers as well for the first few appearances he had. What I was saying is every few years they have this muscle bound freak that squashes nobodies for the first few months and they build them up as unstoppable and make out like there’s never been an animal like this before in the WWE. It’s old and boring. And buddy he ain’t no Goldberg!!

  • jeff

    Have him wrestler somebody we know staid of these kids

  • WWE should put plants in the crowd to start swaying the GOLDBERG chants into RYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYBACK chants.

  • Tyler(:

    “I mean we’ve all seen this before with Brock Lesnar, Goldberg, Batista, Bobby Lashley and Mark Henry”.

    Nope, he’s doing the same as Goldberg. not the others.

  • N8daGr8

    I’m sorry but Ryback has no charisma, no unique personality and it’s nothing new. I mean we’ve all seen this before with Brock Lesnar, Goldberg, Batista, Bobby Lashley and Mark Henry. I find him extremely boring and i doubt he’d pull of a good match if it went longer than 3 minutes and was against a better opposition. I think Vince just likes to watch dudes like this while he strokes himself.

  • Matt

    oh ryback, rvd called and wants his outfit back 😛