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Recent WWE Attendance Numbers, Ryback Update, MMA vs. WWE SmackDown

– Here are some recent WWE attendance figures:

* RAW on March 9th in Toronto drew 7,600 fans for $340,000
* RAW on March 10th in London, Ontario drew 4,600 fans for $180,000
* SmackDown on March 10th in East Lansing, MI drew 4,200 fans for $135,000
* RAW on March 11th in Buffalo, NY drew 10,000 fans for $280,000
* SmackDown on March 11th in Kalamazoo, MI drew 4,000 fans for $120,000

– Three different MMA shows aired this past Friday night against WWE’s SmackDown show and none of them had an effect on the rating. SmackDown on Friday did a 2.15 rating with 3.103 million viewers and placed #2 on cable for the night. UFC’s Ultimate Fighter drew a 0.94 rating with 1.284 million viewers and placed #63 for the night. UFC’s Best of TUF on Spike drew a 0.50 rating with 653,000 viewers and didn’t place in the top 100 for the night. Bellator drew a 0.20 rating with 169,000 viewers and also didn’t place in the top 100 for the night.

– “Ryback” Skip Sheffield has done good at WWE live events in the sense that nobody has known who he is coming out but they end up getting into his match. Ryback has picked up recent live event wins over JTG.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • blue4everd

    @Jon-Jon the reason they care for ratings is cause of the sponsers…

  • Maltese

    If it were a UFC fight night or Pay Per View I think, WWE ratings would drop.
    With that said watching paint dry > HHH=Goats life

  • Jon-Jon

    This goes to show that ratings don’t matter. If the Ultimate Fighter get’s below a 1.0, and they aren’t in any trouble, then clearly WWE and TNA aren’t either. People are too ignorant to understand that.

  • HHH=Goat

    WWE Smackdown > UFC