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– Triple H, Randy Orton and John Cena vs. The Miz, Sheamus and CM Punk is being advertised for the live RAW on March 21st from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

– A recent WWE “Did you know? said that more people went to WWE live events than a combination of the Super Bowl, the NBA Playoffs and a few other events. WWE runs over 300 events per year.

Actually, the average attendance for a WWE live event in 2010 was lower than that of the WNBA and Major League Soccer. On a per-event basis, WWE was behind the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL WNBA, UFL and the Pacific Coast League minor league baseball system. Based on the same criteria, WWE is only slightly ahead of the AHL and Major League Lacrosse.

– As noted before, the entire WWE roster is booked for the final RAW before WrestleMania 27 from Chicago, Illinois. WWE will likely be taping SmackDown matches for that week at RAW that night as they have already announced that they will be shooting footage at the first WrestleMania Axxess session on Thursday, March 31st to be added to SmackDown the next day, the final show before WrestleMania.

Partial source: F4Wonline.com

  • slim

    If people took the time to read all my posts in here they’d see i have many negative comments on both WWE and TNA. The odd positive comment as well.

  • slim

    Good lord, i was banned for 2 days after i made fun of TNA.

  • Stockshark

    HAHAHA Slim becareful about saying something even slightly negative aobut the E in here do you want a whole Universe coming after you!!! Keep on drinking the Kool Aid!!

  • slim

    Another play on words.

  • slim

    @Christy WWE has been known to blatenly lie about ticket sales. Part of the WWE propaganda machine. Like when a bld. is tarped off and calling it a sell out. I guess it is considered one if they did sell all available tickets even though half the bld. may be empty.

  • damkat

    The “fact” is based on all live events the WWE hold vs the other sports for a year. If any other sport had 300+ live events per year they kill WWE, but since they don’t the fact is correct! Just a play on words

  • Christy

    Attendance numbers aren’t actually based on how many people are actually at the event, they are based on the number of tickets they sell. I was at a baseball game last year and they announced attendance at 18,000 or something like that, if they had 10,000 they were lucky…def no where near 18,000 in the stadium.

  • slim

    WWE usually inflates their attendance by a few thousand i think.

  • slim

    In 2009 i also went to raw in Calgary and it was a complete sell out. No seats tarped off.

  • Pieman

    10,000 people is a fair amount of people for one event. I’m not from Canada but from what I know it seems everyone loves hockey so to fill a stadium of that size for anything that isn’t a ppv would be hard work. Don’t think WWE will be going bust anytime soon lol.

  • slim

    When i say Calgary had poor ticket sales, there were probably 10,000 people there i’m guessing. The building holds over 19,000 for hockey.

  • slim

    When raw came to Calgary a few months ago they had one whole side of the upper level tarped off. They angle the cameras to make it appear like a sell out. I’m sure they do this in other cities with poor ticket sales.

  • slim

    I don’t believe to many of thoses “did you know” “facts”.

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